Set your Office Desk to Improve your Productivity at Work

Regardless of how you intend to approach the calculations, many people spend close to 40% of their day at work. Some of these people have ‘hands on’ jobs that require labor while others spend their days plopped, posted, and perched at office desks staring at figures on computer screens. Probably this is the reason most people ignore their desks. What you may not know is that your desk’s appearance has an impact on your overall productivity at work.

Here are top desk hacks for productivity you should always remember.

Don’t ignore things that make you happy

According to some experts, a clean desk helps your mind to stay focused. While this works for some people, others find liberation in the freedom to keep some of the things that make them happy on their desks. Keeping one or two personal items on your office desk is a great way to remind you that you still have a different life away from your desk.

A picture of a loved one, an inspirational slogan on a sticky note, a plant, and other small things can keep you motivated and happy. Just ensure you don’t keep funny stuff on your desk; your clients might get surprised.

Window proximity

It’s wise to request an office desk near a window. Some people find this distracting, but putting yourself in a position where you get natural light is associated with many health benefits. Besides, being near a window presents a chance to reset your eyes if you’re tired of staring at your computer for a long time.

Listen to some tracks

Sometimes, a workplace can be a hectic and noisy mess particularly if you own one of the many desks in an open layout office. While some people perceive it as rudeness, putting on headphones to keep chaos at bay can enhance your productivity.

Besides, music is subtle a strong way of expressing yourself artistically. It can successfully evoke part of your deepest desires and perhaps help you to picture yourself finishing the task you might be handling.

Stand up

Research reveals that sitting all-day-long can kill you faster. Fortunately, most organizations are now rewarding workers who are conscious of their overall health choices. Regardless of how packed your day is, consider extracurricular options like participating in company football competitions, gym membership, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or other activities that will ensure that you don’t still all-day-long.

Take a break when necessary

While taking breaks might seem obvious and the least office desk organization hack, it’s probably the most important. Taking frequent but short breaks is an effective way of increasing your productivity. Well, don’t print this article and go waving it at your boss’s face as an excuse not to serve clients but always remember taking a break can make you more productive.

Everyone is always busy doing something, and we all want to be more productive in what we do. Being a productive employee is how you can contribute to the growth of your small business. How you set your office desk can either make you more productive or less productive.