Using a Personal Injury Lawyer

Most people are wary of using a lawyer; despite the fact that there are many which offer civil services.  The very mention of a lawyer will bring up images of the courtroom and even high profile trials!  However, this is not the reality when you start to use the services of a personal injury lawyer.  These types of lawyers are specialists in claiming compensation from a third party or their insurance firm when you have been injured; whether physically or emotionally.  There are many scenarios when this may be an issue; you never know when you may need the services of a good personal injury lawyer.

Choosing the Right One

The first step is to choose a good personal injury lawyer.  You may select one because a family member or friend has had a positive experience with them.  Alternatively, firms such as Clarke Law have spent years establishing an excellent reputation.  A look at social media sites will show a variety of glowing testimonials to the success achieved by this firm.  Reputation or a word of mouth recommendation is generally the best tactic for choosing.

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It is also useful to look at the experience that a specific lawyer or firm has; this should inspire some confidence that they know what they are doing; if they didn’t they would struggle to stay in business!

Meeting your Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have selected you preferred personal injury lawyer you will need to visit them and explain your case.  It is likely that you will need to arrange an appointment for this part!  The lawyer will listen while you explain how the accident happened and the results of the accident.  They will want to see any documents you have supporting your story and they will want to know if you have received any funds from the insurance or third party.  Medical reports are also beneficial.  This meeting is generally free as the lawyer will evaluate your case.

You will know if they believe you have a strong chance of winning as the personal injury lawyer is likely to accept your case on a ‘no win, no fee’ deal.  In practice this means that you will pay your lawyer a fixed percentage of any compensation you get.  This means it is in their interests to get as high a figure as possible; the higher your compensation the larger the fee they can claim.  However, they will also be aware of what is a reasonable amount for your type of claim and be able to advise you regarding the funds you are likely to receive.

Follow Up

Assuming the personal injury lawyer takes your case they may want you to go for some additional medical exams.  They may also want some additional paperwork from you.  The quicker you can get this to them the faster they will be able to get started on your personal injury claim.

There may be further questions from them and almost certainly from the third party; you will need to be ready to answer these questions.  It is also possible that the third party insurers or lawyer may be in contact directly with you; in this instance you should refer all correspondence to your personal injury lawyer.