A concise guide about brain tumour surgery in India

With advent of modern technological wonders brain tumour surgery in India does not send shivers down the spine in comparison to the days gone by. It has to be noticed that the success rate among the top hospitals is something pretty hard to match up to. It is not only the state of art infrastructure but the surgeons have the necessary experience along with skill sets to undertake the surgery with a degree of precision. When you undertake this surgery in India it works out to be a cost effective option.

Brain tumour refers to the abnormal growth of mass cells that serves no purpose. Tumours are bound to occur when the cells have an uncontrolled growth in the brain. A couple of types of brain tumours are there

  • Primary tumours- the origin of these tumours are from the brain itself. It could be malignant or benign. This means that it may or may not contain cancer cells
  • Secondary tumours- When the cancer cells start forming in other areas of the body and make its way on to the brain such tumours go by the name of secondary tumours.

These tumours can emerge at any point of time though the exact cause of the occurrence of it is still not clear. You can confer the fact that they are certain risk factors which do add up to the risk.

  • Family history- If there is a family history of this disorder in your family then the risk increases considerably.
  • Radiation exposure- if you are exposed to any form of radiation then the risk increases at a considerable level

Once again the symptoms would depend upon the location, size along with age of the tumour. Some of the common issues that you can face up to would be loss of vision, frequent headaches, seizure or difficulty to establish communication. If you are face any of these symptoms then you needs to get in touch with a neurologist on an immediate basis. In case if you are suffering from brain tumour then you need to undertake the surgery at the earliest. If you are able to remove the tumour completely then you can expect to lead a normal life. If the tumour appears to be secondary then the recovery would depend upon the stage of cancer you are going to find yourself at.

The various treatment options in terms of brain tumour surgery

The main fact is that the treatment is dependent upon the location, size along with type of tumour.

  • Craniotomy- the main objective of the surgery would be to remove the brain tumours. In the meantime it decreases the signs or symptoms of the disorder. It is conferred to be a traditional procedure in order to access the tumour and remove as far as it is possible. As this proves to be an open type of surgery, the risk of complications, bleeding or injury to the nearby nerves is on the higher side. At the same time removing the tumour through this type of surgery does become important due to the location and size of the tumour.
  • Endoscopic surgery- this is a highly advanced form of surgery where technological expertise in the form of MRI comes into play. There are certain tumours that are located near the deep base of the brain and you undertake these types of surgeries. In this regard a small opening about the inch of a diameter is made so as to reach the tumour. This does prove to be a safe option than open surgery because minimum amount of damage is witnessed to the main tissue. It does have its own set of limitations and you cannot remove all major tumours by this type of surgery
  • Gamma knife surgery- this does appear to be one of the most common types of surgical approaches to cure brain tumour surgery. Multiple beams of light from a concentrated source are adopted rather than killing cancer cells. The beams of rays are not that powerful, but when it reaches out to the target side this works it’s magic. It is very precise in targeting specific type of cancer cells. This is a technological wonder that is used to treat brain cancer.
  • Cyber knife surgery- this appears to be a non-invasive procedure so as to treat brain tumours. Here high levels of radiation from different angles are directed towards the cancer cells. The greatest benefit of this type of surgery appears to be the accuracy that is pretty hard to match up. For many tumours that cannot be removed with surgery this does present an alternative approach.
  • Radiation therapy- this form of treatment gives hope to all the cancer and non-cancer prone patients who have lost all hopes of recovery. Precise level of radiation is directed not only to the cancer cells but to the other parts of the body as well. It does not harm any healthy tissue that is surrounding the cancer area. As the time of the treatment is less minimum amount of damage you can expect to the surrounding area. Once again the course of treatment would depend upon the direction along with type of tumour.


The time needed for recovery from a brain tumour surgery is dependent upon the size, location and type of the tumour. In case of a procedure in the form of craniotomy you might have to stay in the hospital for close to 3 weeks. But on the other side for a procedure like Gamma knife 8 to 10 days of hospital stay is more than enough for the healing to be over.

India is a one stop solution for all your medical needs

India has pushed forward all the developed countries as far as medical treatment evolves. A general perception would be that the cost of treatment would mean that there are some concerns about quality. But this does not appear to be the case as you can avail the best in terms of quality.