What Food To Order For Your Next Corporate Event: Here Are Things To Remember

If you are hosting a corporate event, you have to need to have an idea for your theme and menu. They go hand-in-hand when it comes to tailgate caterers. There are plenty of things that you have to keep in mind and these depend on the people that are going to attend and the purpose of the corporate event.

Below are the things that you should take into consideration for the next time that you’re ordering food for your corporate event.

Type of Event

There are different types of events that you can host regardless of the people that are attending. The type of event is mostly decided with the purpose of the corporate event in mind. Is it going to be a celebration of an achievement of the company? Will there be clients or potential clients that need to be impressed? These are the usual questions to ask.

Seated Event

A seated event is where you have to sit down for the meals. Usually, this is done in a buffet format where the guests go to a specific area to get their own food. However, there are also events that have wait staff to serve the guests their meals. For this type of an event, the meal option can be vast.

If it is going to be a daytime function, then you should look for light foods such as salads and bite-sized pastries. If it is going to be hosted in the evening, then you should get for foods that can fill up the guests like pasta, sandwiches, pizza, and other similar foods. You should also find out if there are any guests who may be allergic to certain foods and work around that.

Mingling Event

If you expect your guests to be standing, walking, and talking with each other for the duration of the event, then you are hosting a mingling event. This is what most networking events do and is applicable to corporate events as well. There are tailgate caterers that you can talk with to get the food that you want. For this type of event, you need to have a variety of finger foods.

You should also mix up the beverages that are served to the guests because, for most cases, they’re going to be walking around with a drink in their hand. Of course, you are still expected to have seating areas, but they won’t be as used when compared to a seated event. Mingling events can be compared to buffet style dining, but most people will be roaming around.

Theme of Event

The theme of the event will be able to narrow down the options for the menu. The usual choices for the theme include American, Asian, Italian, and southwest. These themes have a variety of foods that can fit well with both types of events listed above. You can also choose to go with box lunches if the event itself is going to be moving along for its duration.

Depending on the event you will be hosting or organizing, a good caterer can customize its service and menu so your guests will be satisfied.
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