Westside Family Church Lenexa KS Looks at the Psychological Benefits of Going to Church

There is a lot of religious debate happening as of late. Some people, for instance, feel that the natural order of things is for God to become obsolete, overtaken by science. There is evidence for that as well. For instance, in the past, humans believed in multiple gods. The movement of the water, for instance, was down to Neptune. However, once we came to understand that the movement of the water was down to the gravitational pull of the Moon, there was no more place for Neptune. At the same time, however, researchers agree that the deeper you delve into science, the more you start to believe in God – there is just something that we cannot understand, and that seems intelligent by design.

There is also scientific evidence to demonstrate just how important God, and a spiritual belief system, is for psychological well-being and for the family unit. This is something that the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS is currently focused on. They have completed a piece of research that has brought together evidence for various social sciences, which has demonstrated just how important going to church actually is.

The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS on the Importance of the Church

What the studies that the Westside Family Church has compiled have demonstrated, is that those who engage in regular religious practice experience a range of benefits. These benefits are felt not just on an individual level, but also within families and within communities as a whole. When this happens, it stands to reason that the entire nation actually benefits. Indeed, the Westside Family Church is now pushing for local, state, and federal policy makers to actively encourage church attendance, and to create environments in which religious organizations and institutions can thrive. In so doing, they also ensure that citizens can be active in terms of practicing their spiritual beliefs.

Key Findings from the Study

The overview created by the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has demonstrated three key findings of importance:

  1. When religious practice is encouraged, individuals, their families, the community as a whole, and therefore the nation benefit by seeing an increase in their well-being.
  2. Americans should no longer be shielded from religious influence. In fact, they never were. The Founding Fathers, for instance, actively promoted people’s ability to have freedom of religion. They were also keen to demonstrate how society could benefit from active spiritual participation.
  3. Those responsible for legislation and policy making should consider new ways that are appropriate to the constitution, through which religious practice can positively impact society as a whole. They should also recognize the role of the church in society.

Freedom of religion is a human right. What is clear, however, is that by practicing a spiritual belief, and particularly if this is implemented in family life, everybody benefits. This is mainly because every recognized religion places the family and doing good for each other and for others, at the heart of its beliefs.