Using Coupons to Save on Multiple Domain Registrations

As you plan to create an ecommerce website, you might want to consider multiple domain name registrations in order to protect your brand. If you are considering this option, is a good place to search and register domain names. Plus, there are some discount codes that can help you lower your cost.

The risks of registering a single domain name

Registering a single domain name is risky. If one of your competitors decided to set up a new website using a domain that is identical to yours (but with a different extension), they could potentially lure away your customers. Even worse, they could redirect it to inappropriate sites. For example, if you own, then people who want to hurt your business can buy and redirect it to a gambling site.

In many occasions small businesses had to pay a lot money to buy back extensions of their own company names, such as .info, .org, and .net, among others.

Another potential threat is traffic funnelling. This happens when another party sets up variations and misspellings of your primary domain name to draw away traffic frompeople who accidentally mistyped your domain name.

Also you need to consider the possibility of cyber-attacks. For example,a disgruntled ex-employee or an unhappy customer may decide to register variations of your business’ domain name and start posting inaccurate or critical information about your company.

Here are some ideas about multiple domain name registration

  1. If your primary domain name contains the number “4”, i.e., then think about registering
  2. Look at common misspellings of your primary domain, e.g., and This may actually help you create other windows through which to generate traffic for your main website.
  3. You can actually use variations of your own domain name to create targeted advertising campaigns for specific markets. For example you can use for America and for the Asian market. coupon codes

With, you can make the first step towards protecting your brand by registering multiple domains at the outset of your business – before you even create your very first website., one of the word’s leading domain name registrars, offers a variety of domain names and extensions for all businesses and home based professionals.

For instance, if you would like to register a website for coupons called, you might have to pay $25.82 over two years.

Apart from this domain, also consider using discount codes to register the following: – for $51.68- for $28.41for 2 year registrations.

However, you can save 25% on all the additional domains by using the “FILMRIOT” coupon. Alternatively, consider using the “ANDROID” discount code to save 15% on hosting and the domain name registrations.


Most businesses use their brand name as their website’s domain name. Also, most businesses will only register one domain name with their webhosting provider and typically with the traditional dot com extension. They also assume that they are lucky when their preferred domain name is available for as a dot com and will stop looking for any other extensions such as .net or .biz. However, certain businesses, where brand protection is crucial, may want to consider buying more than just the dot com domain.