Tips to Rock in New Look Everyday

Quite like Christian Dior’s fitting adage goes, “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” the panache of Women Fashion is ascertained primarily by the adornments of her feet. A woman’s apparel speaks not just volumes about her personality but her espousals in life. It is thus that we have put up a copacetic list of the trend following Women Fashion.

Fashion in Women’s Shoes

Top American designer, Stuart Weitzman is notable for his arrantly extravagant shoes, sometimes studded with gold and diamond. Top ankle length boots could be obtained for prices ranging from $1120 to $1500 while heels and pumps are priced at $500. Sam Edelman, another American designer has forever been in headlines with his odyssey of prosperity and bankruptcy. Edelman’s shoes are affordable, chic and widely coveted by women all around. Sex and the City actress Sarah Jones Parker, has been famously razing the market with her collections in Nordstrom and personal website. She names her collections over famous liaisons such as Frizon, Lady Diana and the like that adds to their magnetism. While rooting for shoes it is important to remember that ankle boots are currently rocking the vogue with their elegance and style.

Fashion for Sports Lovers

If you are crazy over football, Nike offers to you a range of your favourite NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and MLB jerseys. The offer extends even to women who can now lionize their favourite team wearing cheap and affordable jerseys. Sports junkies also have access to soccer caps, gloves, shoes, hoodies, bags, shin-guards, socks, scarves and many more attractive offers.


Whether you want to don the office party with the latest elegant dress or cheer for your home team, looking good is essential. We here try to put up some suggestions for the makeover of women offering a guide to the current vogue and fashion trends, promulgating the much acclaimed belief that fashion is not only aimed at making women beautiful but also to provide them bodily confidence.