Shake Roofs VS Slate Roofs

A great many roofing options are available in the market. People go for roofs based on their needs and requirements. The most commonly installed roofs are shake roofs and slate roofs. Shake roofs are made of wood. While slate roofs are made with shingles.

Differences in Shake VS Slate Roofs

There are many differences between the shake roofs and the slate roofs. As we know that the tastes of the people differ, this is the reason they go for different roofs. Slate roofs are very durable. Pro Roof has claimed that slate roofs will last a lifetime.

Different types of options

While slate roofs are very reliable, they are also distinct in their shape and style. The look of the slate roof is very appealing,and it has been enhanced through the variety of textures.

Textures and material of the roofs

These textures are created through the shingles. The designers have worked really hard on it. People really enjoy the beauty of the slate roof. As you know that slate roofs are extremely durable. So, you would save a lot of money in the long run, if you invest your hard-earned money on a slate roof.

The shake roofs are made with wooden shingles. The wooden shingles vary according to their size and quality. Most of the times, cedar wood is used in the construction of shake roofs.

The shake roofs provide immense composure to the build of the house. The material that is being used is wood. So, the house and the people in it will be saved from heat in harsh weather as the wood can endure extremeness of weather.

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