Prepare for Quick Festive Season Wardrobe Transformations

As the winter holiday season approaches, your schedule is sure to become filled with a variety of parties, work events, and evenings outs. Winter 2017 is expected to be another busy season for Christmas parties and other festive gatherings. The problem is trying to have the right clothing and a smart look for each type of event, without needing to carry around a suitcase of different outfits.

Build from a Great Base Outfit

The right basic clothing choice will allow you to adjust and build your look, depending on the event. Start with a dress or a top and trousers that will allow you to start the day at work and then glam it up for an evening out. Keep in mind that not every outfit can effectively go from one type of event to another. There are so many types of clothing to pick from – everything from playsuits to plus size party dresses – it can be easy to make the wrong choice. You don’t want to show up for work in a dress that looks like you have come straight from last night’s clubbing or a walk of shame.

There are a number of key features to keep in mind when you are finding the perfect base outfit as well as ways to transform your look.

  1. Classic Colours

The little black dress is the traditional option for all types of evening events. The colour black easily translates into night and it can provide class and versality. You don’t have to limited to black, however. Solid colour dresses, playsuits, and trouser outfits provide more options for dressing up or down than most patterns. Patterns on clothing tend to either look casual or dressy, making it harder to transform patterned clothing from one type of event to another. If you have limited funds for a holiday wardrobe, solid colours will also make it easier to wear the same outfit to more than one occasion, without it looking like the same outfit.

When picking your colour, keep in mind the time of year and the types of events you’ll be attending. Black, red, green, and blue are classic options for Christmas parties and other winter events. Pick a colour that works well with your skin tone and that makes you feel good. Black and less bold colours will be easier to wear more than once without people noticing.

  1. It’s Not a Nightclub

One of the biggest giveaways that you are wearing a party dress or other eveningwear is the bling. Beading, sequins, lace and shiny fabrics can be red flags and make it obvious that you are wearing an evening outfit earlier in the day. Shiny fabric usually can’t be disguised to work early in the day. Beading and sequins around the neckline may be covered by a more modest sweater or jacket to transform it into a day look.

  1. Coverage

If you’re going to work or to lunch with your family, the amount of coverage provided by your outfit could be extremely important. A too-short skirt or excessive daytime cleavage can make it clear that your clothing is more appropriate for an evening event. Dark, solid-coloured leggings worn under a shorter dress can help bring the outfit into the day. For your top, cover your cleavage with a sweater, scarf, or wrap. Another option is to layer a shirt under the top of your dress to provide coverage and dress it down for daytime wear.

  1. Bling It Up

To transform your outfit to night wear, mix and match your accessories and make-up. A lightweight scarf with sequins or beading instantly creates a different look. Swap your daytime purse for a small beaded clutch for evening. Higher heels, sparkly materials, and strappier shoes will help bring your outfit into the evening. Exchange leggings for hoes with a pattern or sparkle for an extra festive-look. Step down your make-up for the day and then switch to bolder eye and lip colours for evening.