Meeting without Frontiers: Best 6 Web Conferencing Platforms

Meetings has always been a fundamental vehicle for presenting, discussing and promoting new content for companies, especially for travel. The digital era has put us in front of a much wider world, but at the same time, much more in our reach. Thus, how can we get as many possible users as possible, outweighing the physical limits and the inevitable costs that geographic distance entails?

Beyond Skype, the video calling program, hundreds of free or paid web conferencing platforms have been developed that, with their services are the fastest and cheapest way to organize conferences, online seminars and meetings with participants from all over the world. Let’s look at the main web conferencing platforms together.

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is professional and powerful web conferencing platform. It supports hosting or joining web meeting with up to five hundred people. It delivers high definition video (720p, 1080p) and audio. What’s more, you can also chat via instant messaging, share screens, as well as interactive whiteboards with other users no matter where you are. Meetings can also be recorded on this platform easily, so you never have to worry about anything important you will miss. There is no doubt ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best top web conferencing tools. It is easy to use and efficient.

Available in both a free and a pro version, it is considered one of the most powerful and easy-to-use web conferencing platforms with basic functions that streamline the organization and management of online meetings, with up to 250 participants.


Allows video conference calls with  up to 1000 users. It has many features (audio / video transmission, screen sharing, chat, interactive whiteboard, connection to major social networks, surveys, room capacity up to 5,000 participants) that make it one of the most competitive platforms on the market.

Citrix GoToMeeting

A pay-as-you-go tool for professional web conferencing, easy to manage, which through the download (mandatory) of a software allows unlimited video meetings (which can accommodate up to 1,000 users) with all the features needed to make it one of the paid platforms More interesting and used. Its brother software, equally remarkable, is GoToWebinar: ease of planning and presentation, follow-up possibilities, integrated analysis reports and full registration service are the strengths of this easy-to-use platform with over-average performance .

Cisco WebEx

Available in both free and premium versions, WebEx is one of the undisputed leaders of web conferencing, capable of hosting online meetings of up to 3,000 users. It has nothing to envy its competitors about features and applications, its non-paying version is one of the most complete available on the market.


Although it has limited capacity (it hosts up to 100 users in its rooms) it is especially known to connect web conferencing services to other customer services such as Google Talk. You can take advantage of this platform directly through the BlueJeans Network or through its partner companies.

To further explore the topic, you can search the Internet in the Google browser. There are a lot of web conferencing platforms available right there with all the technical features sufficient to find the platform most useful to your needs.