Node Js is basically a web development framework that enables developing of fast and scalable network applications. This framework is in-demand because of multiple reasons.  We also have online courses to get well-versed with this framework. You can enroll for Node JS online course, but before you sign-up try to know some basic concepts of Node JS  and its advantages. Because of its high-end features, it is the first choice of software architects.

Node Js is very fast as it is built on google chrome’s V8  Javascript engine. It has a rich library of different Javascript modules which is considered to ease the task of development of web applications. You can take a lot of stuff from these libraries so it takes lesser time to reach to conclusions. Thus, Javascript has prominent role in Node JS and various implementations are done with help of Javascript only. Node Js is an open source framework launched by Google and it primarily uses V8 VM to make certain that the process of implementation is well-executed. VM is a runtime environment which ensures that application runs without hindrances and quickly.

Two important things you need to know when using Node Js, first is libraries that stores directories  and various modules and the other are the runtime environment. You can also use this open source platform for developing networking applications and server side.

Node Js is much preferred over other frameworks because of its special features. Starting with one that you must gain knowledge about is Node Js is driven by the APIs and all these APIs of Node Js library are asynchronous. Asynchronous are non-blocking in nature which essentially means that the server will not have to wait for that to be released on an API.

Node Js is known to use single-threaded programming model, this program has the capability to provide service to a big number of requests. Its event looping mechanism helps the server to perform a non-blocking method which makes the whole process highly scalable as compared to the traditional server. Node Js is well-accepted for its nonbuffering feature and it stores the data in the forms of chunks.

There is an unending list of projects, applications, and bigwigs which use Node Js like Paypal, Uber, General Electric, eBay, Microsoft etc. These are just a few names of companies or areas of the application  using Node Js. So if your development demands huge amounts of data, it’s a single page application, I/O bound application, data streaming application or JSON APIs based application Node Js proves to be a perfect technology driven partner. It should also be noted that Node Js should not be used for CPU intensive applications.

Once you go through the basic level and follow the beginner’s guide to coding, you will come to know that you are able to implement its concepts in a better manner and you will constantly learn about Node Js parts and its techniques. Some important parts of Node Js are a debugger, domain, error handling, callbacks, and its different modules.