Building a Joke Crackers Community in your Delhi Neighbourhood

Dilli is a place where everyone likes their share of laughs. If you have moved into a new building it might seem a little intimidating at first, because Delhi is also a busy place and neighbours might not reach out too soon. But a little humour has never done anyone any harm and with a few well-placed jokes you can make a lot of friends. Here is how you can set up a little humour community where you stay.

Get Started

Start meeting people and have conversations, and then maybe crack a harmless joke. Always start with an introduction of yourself but be humble. Let people know that you are a good person to be around with. Be confident but not arrogant. A self-deprecating joke is a nice way to get a nice friendly reaction. Gauge the person you are speaking to. Avoid trending jokes if you are saying hello to 60-year-old Khurana Ji. His son though might appreciate those Kunal Kamra videos on your phone.

Throw a Party

Okay, so maybe you do not need to throw a party immediately. Start with some tea and snacks. Call folks over for a cricket match. Let the socialization be organic, there will be those who will enjoy your company and those who would step out when they get the chance to.

Create a Group

After you are familiar with a core group of people, exchange numbers and form a Whatsapp Group. Throw in some conversation starters once in a while but avoid the overdone Good Morning messages. The Whatsapp Group helps bind the group together – after all, you will not be seeing each other too much.

Start a Routine

This is the time you pitch an actual meeting. Throw in the fitness angle. How about a meeting at the nearest park on a chosen morning of the week? Meet up and crack some jokes about the state of the roads and regular daily things to make a common connection. Encourage loud laughs – laughing clubs are a popular way to let out stress in India and this is an enriching experience for everyone.

You will enjoy Delhi even more, when you make friends with the people around you, opening your mind to different backgrounds and communities.

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