Birthday Cakes -Anytime, Anywhere!

Make it a special birthday!

Birthdays come around once in a year. When it is the birthday of a special one in your life it is difficult to make the day special only with words or a phone call or even a message. You can brighten their day with a birthday cake.

Birthdays are special occasions to remind your loved one how long the world has been enjoying their presence. Show them you love and care wherever you are. Remembering the day our loved one was born and sending them a birthday cake as a gift is the best way of expressing our feeling to them.

Ordering a cake nowadays has become so easy with the growth of technology. Even if you are miles away, you can still order a birthday cake for your family member or a friend to make their day special. You can order using your laptop, desktop or even your mobile.

There are a number of online cake delivery stores available. They deliver to the most remote part of the city too. You can check for the best one based on variety, customisable cakes, delivery time, and payment terms. Of course reviews and feedback from other customers. Some online stores do midnight delivery which is actually a bonus.

Some of the distinctrich flavours of birthday cakes available in online cake stores are

Red velvet – to symbolise love

Chocolate – German chocolate, chocolate fudge, choco fantasy or mint chocolate?

White chocolate with Raspberry – this is a winning combination!

Lemon – light and tangy!

Vanilla – an all-time favourite

Blackcurrant- yummy fruity flavour and sweet aroma

Pineapple – this distinct flavour makes your lips smack!

Rainbow cake – make heads turn with this impressive 6 layer colourful cake!

Butterscotch – rich and crisp caramel flavour

Mango- smooth and creamy flavour to rule your heart!

Strawberry- kids will love the moist and flavourful cake

Ferrero Rocher cake – chocolaty brownie layers alternating with hazelnut layers!

Birthdays have always been an excuse to eat more cake!

While ordering the birthday cake, you can also order small gifts like a box of chocolates or a small cute teddy bear or even a bunch of flowers from the same website. A personalised card would be sent along order to send cake. The message you want to be put in the card can be sent to the store through the site itself.

They say ‘you can’t buy happiness’, well, you can buy cake and that is kind of the same thing!

Fill the birthday of your loved one with laughter, joy and smiles by sending them a birthday cake even at midnight. Make a memory that will last forever. They will cherish the experience and would love to do the same thing for their family and friends. Creating happiness is just a click away and you can order cakes and gifts online from your office desk or even from home.

You can be a part of the celebration of your family and friends in their annual milestones of their life.