A real house help from the cheapest product in the kitchen

                   Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate how some calls it. It is one of the cheapest products found in our kitchen with dozens of uses that can be really helpful in cleaning the whole house and not only. Here are some of its uses that once known you will clearly love it.

  • Absorbs odors from the refrigerator. Put it on a saucer and just leave it inside
  • The fish smell from your hands will disappear if you wash with baking soda. You can also sprinkle some over the fish to lift the specific smell.
  • If it is placed in the ashtray will reduce cigarette odor.
  • You can make room fragrance sachets of bicarbonate combined with scented bath salts.
  • Sprinkle it on the corners of the house, walls, to get rid of ants, bugs and other unwanted insects.
  • It’s a good substitute for baking powder. Mix it with vinegar and is good for use.
  • Clothes soaked in water with baking soda will get rid of odors.
  • Flowers in vase – you can keep them fresh longer if in the water you add a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • A teaspoon of baking soda added to boiling water will speed up the chicken time of boil and the chicken meat will tenderize.
  • To be more digestible, put the beans in baking soda.
  • Sprinkle baking soda in shoes and socks to eliminate any odors.
  • Use it to clean the sink, the bathtub, plastics or porcelain items.
  • Baking soda removes grease from dishes and pots.
  • Use it when you want to get rid of certain odors in the microwave, refrigerator, thermos, etc.
  • You will have a fluffier omelet if you add half of teaspoon of baking soda every three eggs used.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the land where they grow tomatoes and vegetables and those will grow up having a scrumptious taste .
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with baking soda. This you will clean the bacteria from them and also the solutions that were sprayed on to keep them fresh.
  • Make a pasta of water and baking then delete objects from steel or chrome.
  • Very useful for cleaning the refrigerator, microwave, stove, etc.
  • Clean the sewage. Put baking, let him act, then rinse thoroughly with water.


   Those are just some of the qualities that baking soda has. You can ease your work and you’ll get away faster with household duties. So, now, you can enjoy, find love,  the free time that you still have left.