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You need to have a Compelling Vision for doing MBA

An MBA degree from a top rated business school possesses the full potential to fast track your career. With the global business environment in a constant state of flux, managers and leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit who value the importance of creating and promoting new business ideas are in high demand in the job market. Best management programs in Mumbai conducted by a high calibre MBA institute in Mumbai, or top MBA programs anywhere else in India want dynamic, eager learners, ready to take on an MBA program that transforms them into the leader they want to be. Your chances of gaining admission in their highly prestigious MBA program can go up by several notches if you manage to convince them that you have leadership potential which can be further honed during the two years of your degree program.

Majority of high-quality business schools will invariably ask you the question of the reason or motivation behind doing your MBA. It is important as an MBA program can serve different purposes for different individuals. For some, an MBA degree from a well-established business school may be a means of expanding their networking opportunities. Others may want an MBA degree for a complete career change or career advancement opportunities. Some MBA aspirants post their post graduate program may choose to start their own business while for others an MBA would help break the glass ceiling. Whatever be your reason or motivation for doing MBA, you need be very clear about the whole thing.

Developing and articulating a career vision is an essential element of your MBA application. Your ability to convey a clear picture of your background, your future plans, and how an MBA, you think, can help you achieve your life goals and objectives, is going to go a long way in building a favourable opinion for your candidacy. The logic behind the added value placed on your communication of a clear message with respect to your MBA application is pretty simple and straightforward. Reputable business schools want students who have a crystal clear vision and are pretty sure of their journey, despite the fact that the destination may change the end. This is also perfectly logical as an MBA program is more or less seen as a transformative experience which opens your mind to new and previously ‘not thought of’ opportunities and possibilities.

You may have started your MBA program thinking of acquiring new skills which may help advance your career in the same or a different industry. Midway through the course you realise that the knowledge you have gained and the expertise and insight you are likely to gain in the reaming part of your journey makes you more suited to start your own company or business. Your career vision as such should underscore your commitment to the journey rather than the destination.

We gain reiterate that an MBA from a top rated management institute brings with it a lot of rewards, incentives and perks. An MBA degree from an eminent business school is a guarantor of a high flying career in some top rated firm. But before you are accepted by a well-known business school, you have to convince them about why you want to do an MBA and what values and insights you can bring to the class.