Wltoys F949 & WLtoys Airplane

We Liked to talk about planes or drones RC that are price-tight enough with an incredible original experience, maybe even not initial. It is the case of this Wltoys F949, a cheap WLtoys Airplane which may be the great option to getting started within the world of radio control aeroplanes.


Wltoys F949 is dependant on the stunning Cessna 182 aircraft. Using its small 500mm sized wingspan you are able to also fly it in small inside areas like athletics halls so the moist and windy weather won’t stop you enjoying it. Based on what conditions and exactly how much throttle you use, you can get somewhere near 25 minutes air travel time! With a control range of nearly 200m, it offers you the capability to have the ability to climb up high, knock the throttle off and glide back off!


Wltoys F949 is powered with a coreless motor gives strong driving power while being efficient for longer journey times of up to 25 minutes which means you can spend additional time flying and less time charging. Made from crash resistant EPP composite, the plane is highly solid just in case you have a small mishap with an unsuspecting tree! The rudder is flexible and therefore you can alter the way of the air flow over the wings thus resulting in the aircraft being capable of doing different movements. The motions that you can fine tune include 360-level rotation, spiral movement, and even loops! The airplane includes everything needed including a 2.4GHz mode 2 transmitters and that means you have the ability to take a flight multiple planes in an area without any interference.


Wltoys F949 is an inexpensive easy to soar and operate remote control plane targeted at beginner pilots. you can buy From TomTop at $79.99

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