Why More People Are Choosing Clover POS for 2020

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You may have heard that Clover POS is getting increasingly popular. This powerful and modern point of sale solution is getting picked up by more and more businesses in 2020. There are some good reasons why companies are choosing to switch to better POS options this year.

Easier To Use

One of the main draws of Clover is the simplicity of the user interface. Although it is feature-rich, using the touchscreen-based makes navigating all the options simple. Check out the Clover Station to see how powerful such a simple design can be.

This is more than just a convenient benefit. When you need to train a new team member on the system, the experience goes much more smoothly. Furthermore, there is a reduced chance of people making mistakes. Errors can waste time and frustrate customers. Opting for an improved user experience can greatly improve your business.

More Payment Options

If you can’t accept payments from your customers, your business will struggle. Clover lets businesses accept a more diverse array of payment options. This includes swipe and chip cards, mobile payments and more. When you let your customers pay the way they prefer, you are setting your business up for success.

Plus, you can run rewards programs using Clover. That is one more way for them to pay and a great way for you to increase loyalty. Better yet, setting up your program is easy. It works out-of-the-box. All you need to do is turn it on and start giving your customers rewards points.

Flexible Features

Clover has an impressive number of features. Plus, the developer pushes out new updates that continue to expand the system and add new options. However, you don’t need to use all of them. You can customize your setup to ensure that your team has just the right user experience.

Additionally, it can work with powerful add-ons. For example, you can use Clover Mini with the Booker credit card processing system. This lets you accept appointments with customers through the internet. You can also use Booker for marketing your business. In other words, when you use Clover with its diverse array of features and add-ons, your team will have everything it needs to succeed.

Faster Operation

If you have an outdated POS system, you are likely familiar with the frustration of a slow and clunky solution. When you can’t process payments quickly, the lines in your store will back up. That means that everyone is just waiting around to pay. Even 15 seconds of unnecessary wait time can add up if it happens every time you accept a payment.

Get your business running more smoothly with Clover. Your customers and your team members will thank you.

Upgrade Today

You can upgrade with a free Clover Flex if you want to get started with a superior point of sale solution. Join the trend of businesses switching to Clover in 2020. You will be glad you did. Simply put, it is a better option for most businesses. Especially with the over-the-air updates and customizable user interface, Clover makes running your business easier.