Watersports in Seminyak, Bali – Tips for the Sporty Tourist

Besides its cultural and artsy spots that dot the main streets, its fascinating culinary experiences and endless party nights, Seminyak is the trendy place in Bali where you can indulge in your watersports hobby, too. Its beaches aren’t too crowded and its residents are friendly and helpful, so you can feel totally welcome and safe, no matter your level of skill, when practicing your chosen watersport.

Watersports in Bali

Surfing is surely the main sport that comes to mind when thinking of Bali’s incredible waters, but visitors also love the marine landscape revealed while snorkeling for example. There are numerous such opportunities, so don’t miss your chance. You can also try parasailing, jet skiing or choose the fly fish or banana boat pastimes. All equipment provided is new, reliable and is everything you need to enjoy the experience and be safe. If you’re into sailing and like to be in control, you can rent one of the many kinds of boats available and create your own itinerary from one island to another.


Tips on choosing your accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is essential when you need to conserve your energy for sports. Tourists hate it when they have to drive to their place or walk when they’re already tired. They also don’t like spending a big part of their budget on taxis. The solution is to book a spot as close to the beach as you can – perhaps right on the beach, if you’re not put off by the crowds and noise. In case you are, then, Bali luxury villas Seminyak offers are the best recommendation. These are situated in prime areas but are surrounded by lush garden, so their occupants can enjoy private time and silence. They’re excellent if you want to have enough space of your own.

Bringing prices down

It’s good to know that prices aren’t always fixed in Seminyak. You can negotiate each time you go to a watersports facility or center. Don’t just take the first price, but begin friendly negotiations. Many tourists thus manage to bring the costs down – they even pay as little as half of the initial price that was offered. It is also possible to obtain discounts when opting for more sports on one pass or when making group bookings.

Purchasing packages

Instead of making an individual booking for each sport you want to practice, you may want to look into the broader offers. Marine centers offer packages that include, for example, parasailing plus snorkeling and jetski. The prices of such packages range between $25 and $50. This way you can control how much you spend and at the same time ensure all the fun and the adventure you crave. Is it worth it to pay the higher prices? Yes. For a bigger price you always get newer, better equipment and more safety measures are in place.

Before you book any watersports session or equipment, make sure to state what your level is. The staff needs to know how well you can handle the sport and thus will provide you with appropriate equipment, to suit your level. Usually, all services are at international standards, yet it’s still a good idea to check online reviews and get recommendations from other Bali travelers.