Palm Springs and Thousand palms can be the best places to visit and enjoy adventurous activities during the weekend holidays. Both the places are situated within the soothing areas of Riverside County territory of California, USA. Before heading out to these amazing places, one needs to decide about the adventurous travel plan or a ‘best things to do’ list to make the journey as much enjoyable as possible.

Best Things to do in Palm Springs!

Here are the 3 best things to do to enjoy and places to visit while traveling in Palm Springs:

  • One of the interesting and fascinating places in Palm Springs is the Palm Springs Air Museum which exhibits a large collection of military aircraft, many of which can still fly; amazing right? Also, planes used in big wars like the Second World War along with Vietnam and Korean wars are represented.

  • Exploring different types of CBD products in Palm Springs Dispensary can also be one of the most activities in the travel schedule. One can buy CBD infused products that are wholly tailored according to the needs and goals, such as CBD serums, oils, tinctures, lotions, and many other items.

  • The Palm Springs art museum, another museum to give a visit to but it has got all covered because it represents a combination of natural history, fine art, and performing arts. It has been in existence for a long time since the 1930s and formerly it focused on the well-curated collection of Native American art.


Best Things to do in Thousand Palms!

These are the 3 amazing things to enjoy and places to visit in Thousand Palms:

  • Enjoying the Street fair at college of the desert is one of the most preferred places to visit in Thousand Palms as it features many native American products and also includes tasty food stalls, jewelry, photography, and shot performances by local artists. This street fair can add many colors to the time spent in Thousand Palms.

  • Thousand Palms Dispensary offers good quality THC-free CBD products which are best known for their healing properties. So, visiting the dispensary to explore many CBD products like full-spectrum oils, and edibles can be another best thing to do while traveling in Thousand Palms.

  • When traveling in Thousand Palms, Visiting the Coachella Valley Brewing Company can be one of the fun activities. If the visitors enjoy the craft beer then this place is the one which brews up both the modern and traditional craft beer.

Going on a holiday means to enjoy many adventurous places and activities, one needs to know beforehand about the best things to do in the places in which one is traveling. It can get a little confusing as places like Palm Springs and Thousand Palms have a lot of places and activities to offer to their visitors especially those who are coming from outside of California. Therefore, above are some of the best things to do and places to give a visit to and which can surely make the journey much more adventurous.