Tips on saving your money for better things

Many people find it difficult to save money, but sometimes saving money can lead to even more money.  Successful, professional investors such as Greg Lindae have been pioneers in many different types of investing but they always needed capital to start.  If you want to start investing you need to save some money up first, take a look at some tips on how to start saving

Open a savings account

Saving accounts are a great way of saving.  You can make them inaccessible for certain years and they yield much better interest than those normal checking accounts.  Setting one of these up is very simple, do your research and head over to the bank of your choice, explain to the teller exactly how much you wish to save per month and get a savings account set up and fully functioning under your terms

Get rid of that credit card

Credit cards can at times be extremely useful, however sometimes you can end up paying much more than the money that you actually used.  Keeping a credit card can be great to make regular payments, then paying them back without generating interest at the end of the month in order to get your credit rating up, however, if you don´t trust yourself with them, it´s better to clear the outstanding balance and cancel it.

Cooking regularly

It´s common that people wonder exactly where their money went, if you are someone who likes eating out on a regular basis, this could be your answer.  Eating from home works out so much cheaper, especially when combined with making your own sandwiches to take to work in the morning.  If you stop eating out or ordering take-aways then you will see a massive amount of difference in the money you have at the end of the month.

Avoid you´re retail nemeses

Everyone has a weak spot when it comes to shopping, such as electronic gadgets, video games, clothes or stuff for the house.  If you have a weakness, and can´t stop yourself from buying things like this ignore the stores that sell them, you´d be surprised at how well it works!  In some cases, you will need to enter the store, if this occurs, just avoid going anywhere near the isles that contain these items.

Make/buy a piggy bank

A great investment is to actually go ahead and purchase or make yourself a piggy bank.  We all at some point have spare change and we often end up losing down the sides of the couch or spending it on snacks and pointless items.  Get yourself a piggy bank that you can´t access unless you break it, this will mean that you are slowly collecting money and it usually amounts to a great amount.

These techniques are just some ways, doing one alone will probably not get you all that much more however combining them all together is going to get you a nice chunk of savings if you are patient and well behaved.