Tips for Vacationing with Kids

Having an enjoyable vacation can be an arduous task when traveling with kids. What’s exciting to you may not appeal to the kids especially if you plan the entire trip alone or choose activities to engage in that are not as kid friendly to your children as you had thought. Below are some tips to help you have a great family vacation that you and your kids will love.

 Involve the Kids in the Planning Process

Just like adults, children have an idea of how an exciting vacation should be. Involve them in the planning process from the word go. Propose various kid-friendly options such as fun water activities and animal encounters, and let them choose what appeals to them most.

Pleasing older children can be tricky especially teenagers who’d rather chat with their friends that go on vacation. Let them choose activities they are comfortable engaging in. This way, they will know that their opinions are important and they’ll enjoy the vacation more.


Often, your ideal family vacation will not turn out according to your expectations. Regardless of how careful your planning skills are, some things that are beyond your control may spoil your vacation.

you may not be able to prevent some of these obstacles, you can reduce them by conducting drills at home. For instance, assuming you are organizing a camping trip, set up your tent in your compound. If you are flying, conduct airport related security drills at home. You can also start preparing for your hiking activities by going on short hikes within your locality.

 Carry a Fun Pack

Kids get excited at the thought of exploring new things or visiting new places. To avoid the constant “are we almost there” questions during your flight, pack something to keep them occupied. What do they love doing for fun?

If they love watching movies, download their favorites in their tablets. Carry coloring and drawing materials for the younger kids and also download fun games in your Smartphones. These will keep them busy until you get to your destination.

  Travel Light

Coping with too much luggage while on holiday can be a daunting task. Not only will you find it difficult to trace items, but they also may not fit in your Labuan Bajo hotel closets. Only carry what you need and pack clothes you can layer whenever the need arises. You can have your clothes washed at the hotel’s laundry for free or for a small fee. You may also want to wash them yourself.

A peaceful climate with a gentle breeze blowing all round the day is something you can experience when you are Sailing Croatia. You might feel super excited when your mind comes in contact with such extreme calmness.

Prepare the Children for the Trip

Start preparing your children for the trip early. Let them know what to expect but be careful not to exaggerate. You can have them conduct research on your destination and the Labuan Bajo hotel where you’ll be staying. The more your children understand about the trip, the more they’ll be excited about it.

Preparing for your family trip in advance is necessary and guarantees you a smooth trip. Remember, finding affordable hotel rooms that can accommodate the entire family can be challenging especially if you are vacationing during school holidays. Making advance bookings saves you from last minute hustles.

Make Advance Arrangements

If you are flying to your destination, book your flights, reserve your transfer car, and confirm your accommodation bookings. You want to move from your beach and hiking excursions straight to the shower, dinner, or to your hotel bed. If your plan is to stay in different hotels, ensure that all bookings are confirmed prior to traveling.

While staying at the same hotel can be convenient, you may not get the opportunity to try a wide variety of activities or even explore the city. Maximize your experience by having short but fulfilling stays in different hotels. However, changing hotels can be an inconvenience to big families. You can decide to spend your entire vacation at the same hotel and still have a successful vacation.


You can have a successful family vacation by planning and preparing early. Involving the kids will go a long way in ensuring that every member enjoys the vacation.