The ErgoStool Makes For a Better Day at Work

The office chair might be holding working professionals back from better work. On a day to day basis, workers get into the office and sit at a desk for a long time. Often, those stretches at a desk can exceed 4 or 5 hours without a break. The work world is getting smarter and faster, meaning the employees are being asked to do much more. Computers have risen to be the top business tool for companies in most sectors, and that means desk time is only going to get more and more tedious.

How can the work day be made better? For starters, the way that the desk is configured can make a huge difference. While workers cannot always choose where the desk is or how it is angled, the choice of an office chair is available to ensure a comfortable place to work. The office chair, however, is not one of the best ways to stay comfortable or supported. In a lot of ways, office chairs are being redesigned to make sure that every aspect of the work day is helping the employee, not hurting. When it comes to the best option for an office chair to make the work day better, the premium option is not a typical chair at all.

The ErgoStool

The Autonomous ErgoStool is an innovative product not everyone knows is available. Many assume that an office chair is the only way to sit at work. While it has been known to be more common, the issues associated with office chairs are consistently causing issues for employees of all ages. Autonomous combats the threat of strain and pain in office furniture with a line of easy to assemble and adjust products. The ErgoStool is the most simple and easy to use of them all.

The ErgoStool is not just a typical stool. Barstools and typical designs are rigid, stiff, and offer no give for the body’s natural desire to move and sway. When standing, the body likes to shift weight and share the brunt of the body’s load with the entire body equally. When seated, the onus of carrying weight is put strictly on the back and neck. That can really start to take a toll on body, especially for older workers.

The ErgoStool allows the user to sway back and forth thanks to a firm base and mobile stem. On top of it all is an oversized, ergonomic cushion that offers comfortable seating for every body type. Best of all, if a worker wants a bit more of a standing position, but still requires the relaxing support of a stool, the ErgoStool can be extended to 34” to help mimic a standing position. This stretches out the body and allows for more flexibility at the desk.

Finding the Future with Autonomous Office Chairs

Autonomous knows ergonomic office furniture. While shopping online for a new chair, a stool may seem like an unorthodox choice, but make no mistake: the ErgoStool’s design optimizes the work day. No longer do workers have to come into the office and feel uncomfortable from the minute the day starts. Now, the ErgoStool allows for maximum posture perfecting support, all the while building core muscle and strengthening the body’s natural stature.

Autonomous offers the ErgoStool for under $100, which is a great deal for a single office employee or an entire staff. If purchasing for an entire force of workers, Autonomous offers discounts for bulk purchases. At such a great price point, the ErgoStool is just one of the innovative, ergonomic products offered. Pick out an Autonomous office chair today. click here