Still on 3G? Get the 4G advantage

Why work with slower speeds when you can have lightning fast Internet with 4G connectivity? We explain why you should switch to 4G today.

A few years ago, leading mobile service providers in the country introduced the 4G spectrum in the country, a big improvement over the 3G one. Providers like Airtel have since then, made good on their promise of offering the best services, highest network speeds and unparalleled 4G plans for postpaid and recharge packs for prepaid customers.

Is your phone still functioning on the 3G spectrum? While you can still make calls and send and receive texts, certain apps and services will be denied to you unless you switch to 4G – these services and apps work better on the 4G spectrum. Why miss out on upgrading your phone experience?

Here’s why you should switch to a 4G plan

Any mobile phone user who has switched from 3G to a 4G plan will tell you that speed is of the essence when you use your phone. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider switching – there are many benefits, such as –

  • The 4G spectrum is a wider one than 3G, so it suffers lesser congestion. As a result, there are lower call drops and less chance of network outages.
  • Your browsing speeds are faster with a 4G plan than a 3G one. The browsing speed is not impeded by high density areas, with no appreciable drop in streaming and surfing speeds.
  • 4G spectrum continues to show robust connectivity even when you move outside your city or travel outside of your hometown. So you can continue using the phone uninterrupted, stream videos and audio files, download work presentations, play online games, chat with friends, check your social media feeds, etc.
  • The 4G plan is better for time-based Internet activities like transferring money using banking apps or third party payment apps, attaching video presentations with emails on the go, making or receiving video calls, etc.
  • 4G supports multimedia across all digital devices, which 3G is unable to do.

Get 4G services from a leading provider like Airtel, who can help you make a seamless switch from your current 3G network to a 4G one.

The Airtel 4Gplan advantage

Airtel offers the best proposition on its 4G spectrum – it has the best postpaid plans and prepaid packs that you can benefit from. Here’s why you should take an Airtel 4G plan:

  • You get the fastest, always-on network advantage that only Airtel provides.
  • You can switch from 3G to 4G free of cost, within minutes.
  • Your Airtel 4G plan gives you access to the Airtel TV app and free live TV shows and sports.
  • Opt for Airtel 4G plan to get the first month’s data free.
  • When you take an Airtel 4G recharge pack, you get a lot of special offers.