SQL Server to MySQL Database Migration

SQL Server (MSSQL) to MySQL Database Migration Demo - YouTube

Everyone who intends to move database from SQL Server to MySQL must validate adequate capabilities and dependability of the migration method to decrease the system downtime. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure all data and properties has been transformed properly to avoid loss of data or data corruption. Applications market provides wide variety of exclusive tools to automate MS SQL to MySQL conversion. These kind of products can copy all database objects from your source database management system to your target including table structures along with necessary attributes (default values, null flag, etc), data, indexes, foreign keys and views.

Premium SQL Server to MySQL converter must offer some fundamental capabilities below: 

  • High performance of database migration
  • Support of all versions of Microsoft SQL (including Azure SQL) and MySQL
  • Support of all modern platforms
  • Command line support
  • Support for Unicode
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete install and uninstall support

An example of such migration tools is SQL Server to MySQL converter by Intelligent Converters, A software vendor focused on database conversion and synchronization since 2001. This database migration tool offers all features mentioned and it has more benefits.

If you find no direct link to destination MySQL (as a result of security reason or virtual hosting limitation), the software can export the data into SQL script file. After this way, SQL Server database is exported into local file containing SQL statements to develop tables along with indexes and constraints and fill them with the records. Afterwards the database administrator or any other related individual can import this file to MySQL server while using standard tools like phpMyAdmin or command line client.

Unique migration projects may require copying of partial data from or merge multiple tables right into a single one. MSSQL to MySQL converter can process result of SELECT queries running against SQL Server database for those migration projects.

If user needs to customize table definitions during migration, the program provides feature known as “custom column mapping”. This function allows to alter name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of SQL Server table as well as remove particular columns from conversion.

To make migration process a lot more flexible, the converter allows to specify MySQL table type (ISAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB) and charset for text columns in the destination database.

When calculating the conversion effectiveness, you should think about the database volume, complexity of table structures and resources. The normal speed of conversion delivered by MS SQL to MySQL tool is around 10000 of records per second on a modern system.

In conclusion, the software convert SQL Server views into MySQL format as ‘CREATE VIEW’ SQL-queries with support for longer than 90% of all possible syntax patterns including embedded MS SQL functions without direct equivalent in MySQL including: DATEPART, DATENAME, STRING_AGG, TRANSLATE, etc. Note, that SQL Server APPLY operator isn’t supported in views. Apply for data science training now