Robert Bassam – Best Advice for Used Car Shoppers

Every year more and more used cars are sold but the process of buying one remains the same: challenging. This is mostly due to the way used car shoppers approach the process. Most make their way to a car dealership and try to find a car they like. They hope that they have stumbled upon a reputable car dealer like Robert Bassam.

This approach nearly always leads to a bad experience or worse getting the wrong car that you paid too much for. To avoid this from occurring is simple. You need to be prepared before you go car shopping. Here are some simple steps to take to make sure you are absolutely ready:

Do Your Homework Before You Go to a Dealership

Before you leave home you need to be fully prepared for your car shopping journey. There are some important things you can get done from home that will make shopping very easy. Get in front of your computer and use the internet for your research. Here is a list of things to understand:

Decide upon your vehicle needs: What type of vehicle do you need to purchase? Do you need a large car or SUV? You might if you have a big family or several large animals. Do you haul lots of large stuff? In this case you might need to aim for a pickup truck. Are you single and want something sporty? A two-seater or convertible could be a great option. What about your budget? You’ll need to take this into consideration.

Research the vehicles that fit your needs: No matter the car, SUV or truck you decide on, there will be several manufacturers that make them. So now it is time to do some research on each of the vehicles from each of the manufacturers. You need to check pricing, reliability, cost of ownership which includes gas, service costs, insurance, and repair costs. You can find all of this information online these days and get yourself a full understanding of what cars fit perfectly into your goals.

Research the Dealers that sell those vehicles: For every car you have an interest in, there will be several dealers who sell it in your area. It is time to do some research on them to find out which ones you need to visit. On the surface all dealers look the same, but if you dig a bit, you can find key differences. Some offer no haggle policies, others have a great service department, while others compete on price. Your goal is to find dealers that excel at all three areas. Finally look for any and all reviews from customers who have bought cars from these dealerships. You should see overwhelmingly positive reviews regarding them. If not, it is a big warning sign to find a different dealership. Remember today, because of the internet Washington owners of cars have to be honest to those wishing to buy their cars.

Arm yourself with the data you have collected: When you visit the dealership be prepared to show them what you have found and make them aware you are shopping for different cars that fit your needs. Car salesman will always try and put other company’s products down while building their own up. Be ready to counter any inaccurate information and praise their products if they deserve it. Finally make sure you get a chance to see all of the vehicles on your list before you make a final decision about a purchase.

Keep to your plan and you will get a great deal on a used car.