Places to Visit Based on Lombok Map

Are you looking for a good destination for your dream vacation? Do you want to escape from the hectic life of big cities? Lombok Island can be one of the best options for your unforgettable holiday. This island may not be as popular as its neighbor across the strait, Bali. Despite so, this island offers a quieter atmosphere than its neighbor. After the opening of its international airport in 2011, there was an influx of tourists who were looking for white-sanded beaches that are less crowded than Bali. This place is especially popular between surfers for its wave and beaches. Lombok also offers lush forests around its central interior. It also boasts its mountain, Mount Rinjani, one of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, and arguably the prettiest.

In this article we will give a brief explanation about several tourist attractions that you can visit during your stay in Lombok. Based on the map of Lombok, the tourist attractions that you can visit are listed below:

  • West Lombok: this area of Lombok offers several sacred place to visit, such as Pura Lingsar, Pura Narmada, and Pura Suranadi. Pura Lingsar is not only holy for Hindu community in Lombok, but also to Wektu Telu believers and local Moslem. This temple is one and only temple in Lombok where everyone, regardless of their religion, come to pray. As for Pura Narmada, it is located approximately 10 km at the east side of Cakranegara in Narmada. On special events, it will have traditional dances performance such as Gandrung and Gendang Belek. Pura Suranadi is the most sacred and oldest Balinese temple in Lombok. It is located several kilometers from the north side of Narmada in Suranadi.
  • East Lombok: the tourist attraction that is offered in this area is Masbagik, a pottery village that is located near Pringgasela. You can see how the pottery is created at the small terraces behind the homes by strolling around the village. You can also buy the potteries for very cheap prices.
  • Central Lombok: several tourist attractions that are offered in this area are Pringgasela, Tetebatu, and waterfall. Pringgasela is a place where you can buy traditional fabrics that is made by local people. Tetebatu is a calm mountain with awesome rice terraces, cool green crops, and forests. As for the waterfall, there are three waterfalls that you can visit. The first one is Jeruk Manis, a waterfall that is located at the north part of Tetebatu. The second one is Benang Stokel, an area that has two separated and splendid waterfall. The last is Kelambu, a place consists of five separated waterfall that create a net-like stream.
  • South Lombok: for those who love surfing, this area offers a beach called Kuta that is popular between surfers and sun-seekers. There are various accommodations that you can have around the area.

Those are several places that you can visit based on Lombok map. There are still a lot of places that you can visit, which cannot be explored in just a short vacation. But those places are pretty much a representative of Lombok especially if you only have a short vacation.