How Does Nursing Home Abuse Happen?

Nursing home abuse? What?! That’s a thing we have to worry about? What has this world come too when we can no longer trust a man just by him giving you his word. Or trusting that a man will follow through with an agreement after the exchange of a handshake. How about the common courtesy of giving up your seat to an elderly woman on an overly crowded city bus. Sadly, it is true that these types of behaviors are a thing of the past. So many things have changed in just a couple of decades. So many things including the standard care and respect towards other human beings. And no, this type of change is not exempt from nursing homes.

A nursing home facility is a place where we send our loved ones to get the full care and attention they need and deserve when we are no longer able to provide it. When a loved one requires 24/7 care and attention, it can become an impossible task when you have obligations such as working 40 hours a week, taking care of children, pets, or even having a social life. This is why nursing homes exist. To give our loved ones the attention we would give them if we could quit our jobs and devote all of our spare time to them. But that’s not the case.

When a nursing home resident starts showing signs of neglect including poor hygiene, untreated and increasing number of wounds on the body, or rapid weight loss, it raises a red flag. Often times when signs of neglect appear, nursing home staff think they can hide the truth and downplay any or all concerns that you may have. But you have no other choice then to trust them, right? Wrong! If you ever see a red flag, it’s your right to voice your concerns. Investigate what’s really going on inside of the nursing home when you’re not there. Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm LLC strive to protect the elderly from substandard care and if necessary get justice for those residents whose rights have been disregarded.

A major lead into how nursing home neglect or abuse occurs is an unfortunate understaffing in these facilities. This situation makes it almost impossible for caretakers to give their full attention and time evenly to all who reside. This is also the circumstance where residents are found alone with staff which opens the door to abuse. Overworked staff leads to frustration on both parties. This has lead to a more aggressive reaction towards residents when the staff becomes impatient and in a hurry.

Don’t let your loved one suffer from nursing home abuse or neglect. Find the answers. Get justice. Contact a nursing home abuse attorney in Minnesota for a consultation.