All you need to know about high speed blenders

Blenders are a very important appliance in our kitchen. From making delicious Smoothies to juices it can perform basically anything. Want to crush ice and make some cocktails? No problem high speed blenders are here to make your work easier for you. Not only that it can chop vegetables, knit dough. Also high speed works a lot faster and easier than regular blenders.

What are the main features of a high speed blender?

Blenders are multifunction kitchen utensils which have to be used to make endless dishes.

  • Motor – The motor of a powerful, high speed blender have a maximum power of 1800 watt. The pulse function should be of 2.5 horsepower. It should have 32,000 rpm adjustable in 5 speeds.
  • Blades – Blades of a high speed blender should be strong enough to blend anything at a high speed. The ideal blade for a high speed blender is 6 stainless steel blades. These blades should be sharp and resistant.
  • Material of the blender – These is also an important part of a high speed blender. The jar of the blender should be big enough and the placement of it should be done on such manner that it will not have any problem while the blender is on. The material used should be of high quality and most importantly it has to be BPA-Free.
  • Functional design of a high speed blender – To make things easier the blender should have a modern and functional design with hidden cord.
  • Cooking temperature – The blender should be designed in such a way that it should be able to handle cooking at a high temperature. The temperature can be as high as 100 degrees Celsius.
  • A high speed blender should have an anti vibration pad and removable vented lid for providing a better service to the user.

What blender settings should be used in a high speed blender?

These modern day blenders come with different settings. It will let you chop, blend, mix and stir. They can practically do everything which will help you in making your food. But one should know these settings properly.

It has been discussed below-

Stir – For stirring purpose the blades that are used in a blender are very big but at the same time blunt. They are unable to chop, crush or puree foods. The stir setting in the food blender is very useful when you are trying to mix liquids or semi liquid materials like if you are trying to make milkshakes with at your home with softened milk or ice cream then the stir option will be best for you. It is also useful to make sauce. The stir option is also valuable in making dough for cookies. It can also be used to mix cookie crumbles or candy pieces with ice cream or brownie batter.

Puree – The blades of the blender used when it is in puree mode are generally smaller and sharper. These small and sharp blades are perfect for slicing through foods and are best for making soups and pureed dishes like pea puree or rustic mashed potatoes. The puree setting instead of liquefying the ingredients, it leaves a nice texture to them. These setting is however least used in a home kitchen but it is a favorite among expert culinary professionals.

Chop -Similarly to that of the puree setting the blades of a blender in case of chop setting is also small and sharp. The main function of a chop setting is that it makes the blades pulsating instead of working continuously. These functions make sure that the big chunks of the food remains and there is also lot more texture to the food. This setting is mainly used to make vegetable steel or pie filling.

Juice – This juice setting in a blender is a relatively new feature. It helps to liquefy the ingredients completely. Not only fruits or vegetables, in the juice setting of blender ingredients such as nuts and seeds are also used.

Recipes made from high speed blender –

  • Soups which are made creamier with blenders
  • Foods for children generally pureed food.
  • Porridge or some other cereal or rice recipe
  • Dough made with flour or other ingredients.