Name a Star After Someone Who Has Been Loved and Lost

Whenever a person loses a person from his life to god or any other circumstances, it is natural to miss them and feel sad whenever you think about them. One common habit that is mostly found among these persons who no longer have their loved ones with them is talking to the stars as If they were that person. Now you can actually name a star after someone you miss and express your feelings in a way that nothing else can. Below are the reasons for doing so –

  • Like every person has a name and identity, selecting a particular star and naming it after that person gives it the identity and personality of that person. You can then add that extra touch of the person’s personality to it as you are now always talking to a specific star and not just any random star.
  • In case the person is no longer living, this is the best homage that you can pay that person and keep him forever alive in your memories. Like the stars, naming a star after him makes the person immortal in the world. In case the person is living, you always have the chance and the advantage of getting the person back by conveying how deep your emotions run for the person.
  • The star gifts are not something that you toss aside and forget. It always remains as a big shining spot in the sky. It neither moves nor burns out of the sky for many years. You and your family can always look up to it and remember the person with deepest regards. You also feel that the departed soul is with you and watching over you from the sky.

The gift is advantageous in strengthening your living relationships as well. Others learn from the way you are cherishing your relationship and also understand the fragility of relationships. They thus learn to cherish and value their relationship as well and consciously try to convey the importance of the other person in their lives. This helps spread love and humanity all around and creates a more loving home.