How to Make Your Workouts More Effective

Are you serious about toning your muscles to get a good physique? Planning to follow up a heavy exercise schedule? Then you ought to make your workouts count. You can simply play your favorite workout playlist, get to the gym amidst your busy schedule, and start working with those exercise machines. But many personal trainers Toronto say that only efficient workout counts and all that sweat you drop wouldn’t be a matter, unless you follow the correct workout guidelines.

In addition to working out you also need to understand how to fuel your body, so that you meet the fitness goals in the most productive way. Here’s a list of few things to be followed to make your workouts more effective.

Workout on an empty stomach

Whether you want to slim down or build a good physique, staying healthy is your ultimate end goal. Many health experts and physical trainers suggest that the best strategy for slimming or lowering your body-fat is to start your workout when on an empty stomach or as soon as you wake up in the morning. When you run on an empty stomach, your body that’s already calorie deficit will start expending more of your body fat in the fat-burning exercise that you take up. While you sleep the glycogen levels will greatly deplete and your body will start utilizing the body fat as a source of energy.

Pre-fuel your muscles before workouts

Although burning calories in a fasted state is a good workout plan, you should also try and pre-fuel your muscles before starting your weight workout. You might get into some intense workout sessions, when you’re trying to build your muscles. Your body obviously needs some energy to go through the intense workout session. Many physical trainers suggest that a body builder must at least consume 30 grams of carbohydrates before starting their intense weight lifting.


Re-fuel when you are empty

Getting enough nutrition post workout is very much essential to stay healthy. The pre- and post-workout meal or nutrition that you consume is vital to meet your workout goals. It’s very important to refuel your body after an intense workout session. It helps in refilling your glycogen levels; increase the synthesis of protein; and helps in building muscles. If you’re following resistance-training exercises then you should never fail to consume a meal after workout. It’s recommended that you consume about 10-20 grams of protein rich food a few hours after workout.

Don’t out-eat everything you burned

Personal trainer Toronto says that around 70-75% of calorie that you burn everyday will go for the basal metabolic functions that happens in your body. When you try and burn a few more calories at the gym, your body will obviously be deprived of enough nutrition and you’ll more often feel hunger pangs and the urge to eat more. Most people fail to take control over their hunger and end up consuming more calories than they actually burned. Make sure you don’t consume more carbs and try to stick to a protein diet.