Looking after a static caravan

A static caravan is a great investment and it can provide you with a fantastic place to escape on a holiday and relax. In order to keep your static caravan in tip-top shape, you are going to need to properly maintain it. The better you maintain your caravan, the longer it will last and the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it. Below are some tips, but the first step starts with comparing static caravan insurance costs and finding the correct level of cover.

Here are some of the tips:

Be sure to protect your caravan during the winter months. You should for sure drain down the caravan, so that the water and heating systems won’t be damaged by the cold when you are gone.

Preventing frozen pipes

This is a really important one. If the winter is harsh, water that is left in pipes can freeze, expand and split the pipes. The water will then continue to flow and flood your caravan.

Some caravan sites offer a drain down service at a relatively low cost. However, if you can do it yourself with relative ease, it’s free!

Air the caravan out

Before you pack your caravan up for the winter, open all the doors and windows and let some fresh air in. You’ll probably want to do this any way since you’ll be cleaning and will most likely prefer the smell of fresh air to that of cleaning products!

Secure the caravan

Locking the front door would be difficult to forget, but make sure to check the locks and seals to make sure the the windows are equally secure

It’s also a good idea to take anything valuable home with you and open the wardrobe and bedroom doors. This has the advantage of showing anyone that’s looking to break in that nothing of value has been left to take.

Keep it clean

No one wants to begin their summer with cleaning, so always make sure to leave the caravan as clean as possible when you leave. Remove any net curtains and pull the regular curtains back to help stop them getting moist from condensation over the winter.

Keep out unwanted guests 

One of the best things about owning a static caravan is that they’re often located in or near a grassy or wooded area. This of course will mean that you possibly will be sharing that area with the odd bit of wildlife. Most often, the wildlife will stay where it is supposed to but, on occasion it will come indoors, and make itself at home.

To prevent this from happening, block the various gaps in your caravan which may let the little critters in. This will include checking any sky lights, the roof and chassis for loose joints and gaps. You can even drain down the caravan’s toilet and stuff it with some newspaper to stop any of those hardy insects from coming up from below. Simply putting the plugs in will do the same for sinks.

Disconnecting the gas supply

For this you simply turn off and disconnect the bottled gas supply and of course store the canister safely. It’s important that you not leave the gas connected. Some people will light one of the gas rings once they’ve disconnected the gas supply until the flame dies that way they can be certain there is no gas left in the piping.