Is Laundry Powder Better Than Laundry Liquid?

If you’ve been buying the same laundry products for some time and are yet curious about the other offerings on the shelf, whether they be liquid or powder, you’re definitely not the only one. while they might seem like the same products on the surface, there are some key differences that set these detergents apart – in this article, we take a look at what they are to help you make some more informed decisions relating to your next detergent purchase!

Where cost factors in

Whether you’re a Fab laundry powder devotee or an Omo liquid detergent fab, it’s worth knowing more about what other detergents are about. One of the first things you’ll notice when comparing laundry liquid and powder is the price difference. You’ll generally find that liquids are more expensive than powders, despite these products mostly doing the same job as each other in relation to weight. With this in mind, powders – particularly those from supermarket home brands – are definitely for those on a tight budget (or who might just not see the value in detergents that cost double the price). Although some may believe that the added cost of liquid detergent is demonstrated in the effectiveness of the detergent, this has generally been found to be untrue. Laundry powders are generally better at cleaning up outdoor stains like dirt and blood and are also stronger contenders in the bleaching department. Plus, they’re better to store in the long term due to the shelf life of water not being a potential issue further down the track. Rather than cleaning potential, this additional cost can be considered as insurance for a consistent wash – many people unfamiliar with powder amounts will find streaking in their clothes, which does not occur when using liquid detergents.

Some more points of consideration

Although there are issues of cleanliness to consider, an often overlooked aspect of buying detergents is the potential impact they may have on the environment. The cardboard packaging that laundry powder is sold in is typically much more recyclable and simpler to compost, and these advantages are increased as you buy larger amounts at once. Liquid detergents are always sold in plastic containers which can have a more noticeably negative effect on the environment, although this negativity can be ignored entirely if you choose to reuse the plastic containers that you get. Unlike powders, though, laundry liquid for the most part produces greywater, which is much more environmentally friendly than the water that powders can produce. As mentioned previously, though, if you do choose to buy in bulk liquid is generally more unstable than powder due to its water content, so any wastage by storing it too long will obviously do the environment no favours, even if your intention was to be green as possible!

Which is for you?

If you’re very happy with the results you’re getting from the products you already use at home, there likely isn’t necessarily a need for you to change. One of the big advantages from changing to powder is the reduced cost, so this is often an incentive for people looking to save more on their grocery bill. Otherwise, just keep doing what you’re doing and keep trying to be as sustainable as possible.