How to make your food pass the Torah Law

Food is just not a means to stay healthy. In fact, it is a way to demonstrate your religious inclination, spiritual habits and your ideologies too. That is why; the world seems to be divided on the basis of various food practices followed, such as, there are vegans, non-vegans, etc. On the basis of spirituality under Torah Law followed by Jewish authorities, there is a category of Kosher and non-Kosher food too.

So, what is Kosher? Well, the food production practices approved by Bible and adopted and clarified further by Rabbinic authorities under Jewish Law are classified as Kosher. If you observe closely, all religious authorities believe that we become what we eat. Thus, food is processed in such a way that only pure, non-contaminated material reaches our body and further feeds our mindset with goof thoughts.


Points that make any food Kosher

To win Kosher certification, it is essential that the food must have following properties:

  • No blood: If you want to consume meat, then the blood should be completely drained off the animal part. Under Torah Law, blood is a non-edible thing and it should not reach the consumer’s body via meat.
  • Use Kosher utensils: It is mandatory to get the utensils and machinery checked by assigned Rabbi. If the equipment is procured from non-Kosher source, then it has to go through ‘re-kosher’ process to become eligible for use.
  • Two kosher foods should not be consumed together: Under Jewish Law, Kosher + Kosher is not equal to Kosher. So, meat and fish are not to be consumed together as the both of them are Kosher foods. If there is any scientific theory behind this consumption pattern, it has to unearth yet.

Thus, in order to win acceptance by any particular religion, it is mandatory to follow the practices pertaining to food, clothes etc mandated by the spiritual visionaries and eating Kosher is one of them.