Food and Beverage Services at Events

For the online reputation management New York company, when launching an event, you need to absolutely consider the food and beverage part of the event unless you want to have a horrible online reputation. If you do not execute this properly, other businesses that attended your event and individuals will write about how poorly your company is at event preparations, which is something that can be avoided with proper preparations and research.

It is important to know your attendees food consumption patterns and knowing the general guidelines meaning the history of the group, the demographics of the group including their age and gender, profession and their socio economic background will be a huge help in your preparations. Another important aspect is to know the purpose of the function meaning whether it is a reunion and networking event, whether it is opening to another session, working session, or refreshment or entertainment. It is important to know that guests generally eat more during the first hour of a reception and on average there should be about seven hors d’oeuvres the first hour for the attendees. When planning your event, it is important to understand that there are several menu restrictions and the servers should know the ingredients and preparation method of all food items including allergies, diet and health concerns and the religious restrictions. Knowing if you have vegetarians and vegans attending your event is also a great idea so they don’t feel excluded or forgotten about. There are food and beverage attrition which means attrition clause sets a legal obligations for both sides. They basically are there to establish liability limits and both parties wont guarantee to be met including the caterers want to be certain up-front and the planners want to wait until the last minute therefore being able to compromise and set liability limits is very important for your event.