What To Feed A Pitbull Puppy To Get Big

Dogs are companions that bring a lot of joy to our lives and so when we have them, we want to make sure that they are looked after and cared for in the best way possible. When it comes to puppy food, the selection can sometimes be overwhelming. One of the most important aspects to give your growing pup the nutrition its body craves to grow into a big and healthy adult dog. In this article, we will be looking at what to feed a pitbull puppy to get big.


It is important for your pitbull to feed on its mother for a good 6 to 8 weeks before it switches to puppy food. This step is crucial to ensure that your pup gets started on the right foot and develops into a healthy, big and strong adult dog.

Food Requirements

If you are wondering about what to feed a pitbull puppy to get big, know that whatever food selection you rely on, it must be high in calories to help with the puppy’s tissue and overall development. Other food requirements include those that have high-quality proteins and minerals, a high-fat content and tons of vitamins. Be sure to read the ingredients of the puppy food before purchasing it to make sure that the nutrients necessary for puppy growth have not been substituted with unnecessary fillers.

Best Food Brands

The ones that are most recommended for pitbull pups are foods that have AAFCO feeding trial markings. What this basically means is that the food you are giving your pooch has been tried and tested by other dogs and proven to be nutritious and to improve growth and development.

Food Portions

Be sure to read the recommended portions listed on the puppy food bag you selected to make sure that you are giving your pitbull a sufficient amount of food daily. Underfeeding as well as overfeeding your pup can hinder its abilities to grow into a nice and strong dog.

Before getting a puppy, it is important for you to read-up on the steps to take in order to make sure that the new addition to your family will develop into a healthy adult dog. There are many things that need to be seen to in order to ensure that this occurs. One of the most important factors regarding selecting the right puppy food. Doing this will make sure that your pitbull will be well nourished and develop to its full potential. By following the recommendations in this article regarding food requirements, brands, and portions, you will know exactly what to feed our pitbull puppy to get growing big, healthy and strong.