Chicago Donut Festival: 5 amazing donut flavors you’ll remember!

If you walk into any renowned donut store in Chicago, you will be welcomed with the classic or usual donut varieties. All are fancy looking and definitely glazed! But can we foodies really get satisfied by such a limited donut collection? Well, most of us would say a big NO. Hence is the beginning of the eagerly awaited event – the annual Chicago donut festival.

This festival is not only a favorite time for people to chow down on one of their favorite snacks, but also to provide them with innumerable varieties. With different textures, flavors and dough quality, you will be surprised with every bite!

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Hasn’t it already started the water work in your mouth? Well if it has, let us jump in to know the best variety of this sugary and doughy goodness which you can find at highly reduced rate with Chicago donut festival25% OFF Coupons.

5 favorite donut flavors available in Chicago donut festival

  • Voodoo donuts

There is a famous statement that has been circulated for years regarding food. ‘What entices your eyes will make you yearn for it more.’ Similarly, if you look at this donut, you can hardly take off your eyes from it. Coming in various designs and shapes, these playfully constructed donuts are filled with either raspberry jelly or have a thick layer of flavored cream on them. Apart from this, you will find it sprinkled with candies like pop rocks or Nerds.

  • Donuts with icing of peanut butter and sprinkled with chocolate crumbs

With a thick layer of heavenly tasting peanut butter over a fluffy piece of donut, the chocolate crumbs sprinkled over this doughy delight are something no food lover can deny.

  • White and black chocolate glazed donut

For most food lovers, chocolate is considered not only as a comfort food but as a glistening dream which with correct food combination can create magic for the palate. The classic combination of heavily fried donut with chocolate is a dream come true for people with a sweet tooth like us. In the Chicago donut festival, you will find these with oodles of chocolate ganache as the spread, and with curls of dark and white chocolate, this donut is guaranteed to make your mouth water at the very first glimpse.

  • Beignets

Ah! Can you hear the sigh that comes out when you think about this sugary goodness? The traditional beignets can never be replaced by any other type of fried classic pastries. These doughy babies have everything in them to make you go gaga over these beauties. These fried pastries are extremely fluffy and have heaps of powdered sugar all over it, similar to the snow covered mountain.

  • Cinnamon twist

Until now you have read about the regular round donuts which are the hot favorite in donut category. These donuts resemble a huge rope of twisted cinnamon goodness that will make your heart beat twice. With a sugary, tempting glaze and the benefits of cinnamon, eating a couple of these goodies is the perfect way to do justice with it.

As this donut festival in Chicago is an annual affair, many famous donut stores actively participate in this gala event. In Chicago donut festival25% OFF Coupons are the minimum price surprises that you can expect from few of such stores. So make use of them and give you mom a great reason to smile on Mother’s Day.

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