Buying the Sky3ds+ from Amazon or Ebay: is it recommended?

Many of you want to buy the Sky3ds+ flashcard from the Big Online Shopping Platform like the Amazon or Ebay, but in fact, they are not your Wise choice to buy from. More exactly, if you would like to buy a Sky3ds+ safely, you shouldn’t choose Amazon and Ebay.

Any retailer sells Sky3ds+ in Amazon or Ebay?

In,,,,,, I do a search on all of these Amazon sites with keyword “Sky3ds or Sky3ds+”, but find no related result. So even you want to buy Amazon, no reseller there.

In, I search with keyword “Sky3ds” as well and find only one Retailer. Here are more details of this Sky3ds+ seller in Ebay site.

  • Price: US $95
  • Shipping: Costs $21.94, flashcard is from Westfield Center, Ohio, United States, can be shipped to United States and many other countries.
  • Contidition: Not new, a second-hand Sky3ds+ card.

Why you are not safe to buy Sky3ds+ from Amazon or Ebay?

That is because Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ card is a flash cartridge, it belongs to the “Piracy”, and in Amazon or Ebay, Piracy or Fake or Infringe items are Not Allowed to sell. So firstly, you nearly can’t find Sky3ds+ seller in Amazon or Ebay, secondly, even if you can find one, the retailer breaks the Site rule to sell the disallowed Product, it will be pulished and closed shops by Amazon or Ebay soon.

That’s to say, if you choose a seller in Amazon or Ebay to buy Sky3ds+, after the purchase, you will find the shop closed and the product disappeared in any time. Then you won’t get any waraanty or help on the Sky3ds+.

Which is the reccommeded website to buy Sky3ds+ flashcart?

So where should we buy the Sky3ds+? Just choose resellers from official site,, or if you are located in Spain or Italy, you can buy Sky3ds+ from Italiamods or NXmodificar stores, they are not listed on the sites, but they are your safe(Paypal payment) and cheap sites(Attractive price) to purchase the Sky3ds plus card in Europe.