Best certified tips on how to train your dog.

Training a dog is a basic requirement for all dogs.  This breed is one that needs to be well trained to prevent any form of aggressiveness towards humans and its fellow dogs.

This notion of aggressiveness comes from the stories that have made rounds through various mediums of red nose pitbull  attacks; but when it is properly trained, this is one of the friendliest pets.

They are characterized as very strong, have high levels of energy, very intelligent and learn new tricks quite easily.

This is how you go about it;

Make your pet social

Dog training should start when you have a young puppy, which is the best age to start training them on how to socialize with humans and other dogs. Expose your puppy to all kinds of social set up; children’s play park, social gatherings, animal fairs.

Socialization amongst dogs is very important. A pit bull is known to be intolerant towards other dogs. You can ensure this happens by training him to focus on you when other dogs are around you. Teach him commanding words such as look and stay that he will know and obey all his life. He can also learn whistled signals.

Practice these commands in each and every set up mentioned above for an overall well rounded training.

Positive reinforcement

This is a basic training need for all pit bull dog breed. You will achieve more when you train your dog and reinforce the discipline using positive ways such as rewarding them for positive behavior.

Be a leader

Your dog will always look up to you in many ways. First one your dog needs you to love him. The pit bull thrives well in loving environments. Listen to them and they will learn to do the same to your commands. Handle them with love and friendliness and you will mould your pup into a friendly loving creature. This is a case of monkey see monkey do. Your dog will tend to behave the way you do most of the time.

Inside and outdoor training.

Train your dog to behave well both when you are indoors and when you are outdoors.


Being inside needs a much more calm and submissive behavior. You cannot let your dog run and jump around when you are inside your house or any other building.


When you get outside give your pet a little bit more freedom to run, play and chase butterflies if he is the kind to do so. When your pit is outside that is the only time he gets to exercise well and use up some energy. This helps to kill boredom for them

In these two scenarios train your dog with commands for the indoors and outdoors. Ensure he knows how to respond and differentiate them.

Training is the only way you show your dog what you expect of him. He cannot figure out things on their own without you guiding them along.