Benefits of Elmedia Player Picture-in-Picture Alternative Mode

In this mode (picture-in-picture), at least two windows can be used at the same time on a gadget for a very interesting combination of concentrating on a work and also seeing a movie. With this, you can open a small window and watch movies on it while you concentrate solely on the larger screen to run your main activities.

Only designated apps can run picture-in-picture mode on Mac. It includes macOS High Sierra, however, it has shortcomings in the kind of works it does.

Elmedia Player, an app with picture in picture alternative mode is designed especially for Safari and iTunes and can work with resources as Apple, YouTube, and Vimeo. Picture-in-picture mode is supported solely by Safari browser because the feature is unavailable for third-party web browsers.

One of the top picture in picture alternative mode that Mac market can give you with more interesting user experience is Elmedia Player. It has no shortcomings common to PiP like video type, format, etc.

Elmedia Player’s Picture-in-Picture Alternative

With features like Float on Top which Elmedia offers, you can play stored videos and videos downloaded from the internet, e.g Vimeo videos. With these simple guidelines, you can get Elmedia’s Float on Top option activated.

  • If you don’t use a different folder for your downloads, find your Elmedia Player in your downloads folder.
  • Use your click button on the file
  • When you have accessed the window, take the file to the Applications folder.
  • Access the app.

Use any of these options to watch a video in Elmedia Player:

  • Move a video file to its application window.
  • Click the “open with” option after you have right clicked the file in the drop-down window.
  • In the list, press the Elmedia Player.
  • You can open a file in Elmedia Player via the main menu, click “Open”
  • You can switch to similar picture-in-picture mode. For this,
  • Click view tab in the main menu
  • Scroll down and click on Float on Top. The video will be separated from all your opened windows.

Picture-in-Picture Mode for YouTube Videos in Elmedia Player

  • You can watch your favorite video with PiP mode online on YouTube with Elmedia Player. You can now enjoy your loved videos and also focus on your work at the same time. To enjoy YouTube videos in PiP mode, follow these guidelines:
  • Press on the menu files and locate the “Open Online Video”. With this option, you won’t have to suffer ads that always appear when watching videos on YouTube.
  • Select the file. Click Float on Top in the drop-down menu. You can now enjoy your videos. You can change the size of the video if you want. The Elmedia Player will stay on top even after you change windows.