Are you better suited to a postpaid phone?

If you are a prepaid phone user wondering if postpaid is a better fit for you, then this article will help you make the right decision.

When you bought your first mobile phone a few years ago, chances are high that you took a prepaid connection to go with it. But now, you are left wondering if you should take a postpaid connection.

Normally, those who have a high daily phone usage should opt for postpaid plans instead of prepaid. While most mobile service providers today are offering data between 20GB to 100 GB per month, the monthly plans are also reasonably priced. Besides, making the switch from prepaid to unlimited postpaid Internet plans is really simple with the same provider. You can also switch providers by opting for Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

So how can you be certain that you should switch from prepaid to postpaid? Ask yourself these questions:

* Do you require a lot of data? The first factor to examine is your phone usage. Do you surf a lot all day – browsing for news and information, watching clips and videos, downloading heavy files, checking social media feeds, play online games, chatting with friends and contacts, streaming TV shows and films? All of these, especially gaming and social media usage, consume a lot of data that you will soon run out of if you are a heavy phone user. For instance, Airtel offers between 1.4 GB to 2 GB data per day on its prepaid plans, but its simplest postpaid plan for Rs 399 offers 40 GB data per month. Which one would you rather choose? Airtel also has other great plans priced at Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799. Airtel offers the best unlimited postpaid Internet plans across all service providers in India today.

* Do you dislike recharging the connection every month? The major point of difference between prepaid and postpaid phone connections is that the former needs recharging every time you run out of talk time or when the pack validity expires. This can become quite annoying, though online recharge is quite simple. Postpaid customers pay the monthly bill instead of recharging the connection. If you run out of data, however, you can ask for a top-up to tide over slow speeds till the next billing cycle arrives (and when normal speeds are restored). You will not run out of data if you opt for the unlimited postpaid Internet plan from a leading provider like Airtel.

Do you like other add-on features with your plan? You are not likely to get too many add-on features and benefits with your prepaid phone plan. But if you take an unlimited postpaid Internet plan from Airtel, you can get additional benefits like unlimited callings, freeAmazon Prime subscription for a year, access to Airtel TV and Wynk Music apps, Handset Repair Protection feature, and the best feature of all, the Airtel myInfinity Family plan which clubs the entire family’s Airtel numbers under one single plan for savings up to 20% of the cumulative monthly bills.