OpenComparison is the open-source framework for creating package comparison sites. We offer free subdomains to open-source languages, web frameworks, and other projects.

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Django Packages

The original site that OpenComparison was born from. Use it to compare the various Python packages that are designed to work with the Django web framework.

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Pyramid Packages

The second OpenComparison site. Use it to find and compare Python packages that work with the Pyramid web framework.

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What next?

What do you think the next OpenComparison site will be?

Tweet at @open_comparison and tell us what type of comparison site you want. We'll launch the most-requested or most interesting sites.

Or just launch one yourself. The code is open-source, after all.

Formerly Packaginator

The OpenComparison project used to be called Packaginator, but everyone had a really hard time spelling it. So we renamed it.

Over 30 contributors have helped with this project. Packaginator was the largest sprint at PyCon 2011, with 25+ sprinters participating.

Plone Packages

We've gotten several requests for a Plone package comparison site. So, our third OpenComparison site is Plone Packages!

Please send suggestions, ideas, requests, etc. to @open_comparison. We'll do our best to improve the site.

Plone contributor Alex Clark blogs about Plone Packages as one of the big puzzle pieces for Plone, helping Plone stand out even more as a first-class citizen in the Python ecosystem.

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Posts from the OpenComparison Blog

Python only?

Currently, there are parts of OpenComparison that are specific to Python packages and PyPI (the Python package index).

We are in the process of making the framework more generic.

If you are interested in sponsoring the development of non-Python features, let us know.