Visiting Lake Powell – A Perfect Holiday Destination

If you have selected Lake Powell as your next spot for a family vacation, here is a complete guide that will help you in exploring the beautiful place and enjoying the various attractions to the fullest.

Although the most active season for the tourists to enjoy their holidays in Lake Powell is summer (between the months of June to July) but spring season is the ideal time for heading to this place as you can find cheap accommodation and the area is less crowded. The only drawback is the unpredictable weather during the spring season.

One of the major reasons for the popularity of Lake Powell is the amazing sightseeing experience. The red rock cliffs surrounding the crystal clear sparkling water make for the most enticing visual sight. Simply relaxing on the beachside or setting your camps there will give you experiences of the lifetime which will remain etched in your memories forever.Image result for Visiting Lake Powell – A Perfect Holiday Destination

The Rainbow Bridge, which was created by sand, rain, and wind, is another magnificent sight in this place. Owing to its spectacular beauty, the Rainbow Bridge was named a National Monument on 30th May 1910 by President Taft.

The Cathedral in the desert is a sight not to be missed in the Lake Powell. La Gorce Arch and Navajo Canon are among the other popular attractions of this place that are attracting the visitors from the across the globe.

Since there are numerous hiking trails to explore, make sure you are geared with the right equipment for hiking. On the pathway, you will experience the majestic visuals of waterfalls, rock formations, and naturally formed arches. The adventure freaks can make their own paths of hiking and go trailblazing. Either way, hiking in Lake Powell will definitely give you the best hiking experience ever.

Cruise trip in the middle of the desert in the Lake Powell provides the tourists an amazing opportunity to explore the beauty of the place to the fullest. The delicious meal served during the journey takes the satisfaction level of the experience a few notches above.

For those who love indulging in various outdoor adventurous activities, wake boarding, water skiing, wake surfing, and air chairs etc. are just a few examples of the amazing water sports they can enjoy in Lake Powell. Since the water is smooth and glassy during the morning and early evening; they make for the best time for indulging in such activities.

Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, another notable feature of the Lake Powell is that this place boasts of a huge variety of aquatic and avian wildlife. The months of January and February are a great time for viewing the amazing avian and aquatic wildlife.

Owing to all the features mentioned above, the 2nd largest reservoir, Lake Powell is one of the favorite holiday spots for the tourists. If you haven’t been here, Visit Lake Powell at your earliest and enjoy the various attractions this place has for you.