Most popular sports today

Sports betting within gambling has become massive in this day and age, a highly competitive, diverse and easily accessible market. Players can access sportsbook betting on their high street and easily online now via their mobile phones or tablets which is now an ever-growing industry worth Billions.

Sports betting worldwide is absolutely massive making up between 30-40% of the global gambling market.

In the UK European football has to be at the top of the list in terms of most popular sports to gamble on, with millions of people travelling every week to go and watch, support and even bet on their favourite teams. Gambling and the social circles around gambling have become massive, discussion between friends and families, discussions on first goal scorer bets, score lines, betting and football have definitely become united.

The second most popular sport to gamble on would be tennis, generating millions of pounds of revenue for the gambling industry.For a sport that outside of a couple of grand slams and the illusive Wimbledon tennis tournament tend to avoid much press so it may be a surprise that gambling within tennis would be so popular.

Personally, you would think it may appeal to punters and gambling on the short favourites my pay off more than not with several players dominating the top level in both men’s and women’s tennis.

Another aspect that will play a large factor will be the in-play betting market, punters can make numerous in play bets on games, sets, matches and even shots, you name it. There are many here that cover these options to play.

And finally,would have to be the world of horse racing, a personal favourite to many. You would say the more and more available in play and cash out markets within football and tennis market gives them the edge over gambling within horse racing.

There is an absolutely massive following of the horse racing world which a lot of time does involve gambling with huge events such as the Epsom derby, the grand national, the Cheltenham festival and even popular races stateside and over in Dubai.

These are clearly covered and are the most popular sports in the gambling world today but many other sports are gambled on daily from boxing, greyhound racing, athletics, cricket rugby, formula one, with the gambling industry becoming ever competitive to keep up with the ever expanding markets, bonus’s and promotions.