Why Insulated Water bottles are better than Regular water bottles

Water bottles are our ultimate hydration solution. They keep us hydrated everywhere we go. So, these containers are very significant for your everyday life. And choosing the best hydration solution is as well very vital. There are many varieties of water bottles are available in the market. One is better than the others in quality, capacity, prices, and handiness.

These days many users are choosing vacuum insulated water bottles to solve their thirst. However, regular water bottles are also popular among users.

Several features are considers when regular water bottles is compared with insulated water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles are classically fabricated from “culinary-grade” materials. Insulated water bottles are very efficiently able to preserve the temperature of fluids for a very long time. On the other hand, regular water canteens are prepared from plastic materials and in most cases they are not reusable. And general water bottles are not capable of preserving the temperature of beverages.

Considering Budget and Efficiency

Plastic water bottles can cost you a lot as they are not reusable. And you are required toget a new one. This might charge you a lot of money. Besides, plastic water bottles break very effortlessly.

On the other hand insulted water bottles are very budget friendly. They are available within a wide price range. Also they are incrediblylong-lasting. One water bottle is enough to fulfill your thirst for years. They don’t are strong enough to not breakdown quiet effortlessly. They can survive the everyday wear and tear.

Health concerns

Insulted water bottles are safe to use. They are formed from premium food grade stainless steel. Besides, the plastic lid of these kinds of water bottles is made through BPA free materials. These bottles are 100% free from any kind of toxic substances. BPA bring many injurious outcomes to humans, particularly the kids. This compound may cause brain retardation even cancer. Because of its deleterious health hazards, BPA is restricted in many countries.

With plastic water bottles, there is always the chance of being harmed by BPA. Besides, they may contain some other materials unsafe for health. So, while buying water bottles you should always consider the health and safety issues about them. In that case, insulated water bottles are definitely a winner.

Strong and Eco-friendly

This type of best Insulated water bottle is very sturdy and long lasting. One canteen is sufficient to offer you hydration for years. They are perfect for everyday use. Comparatively, regular water bottles are less durable.

General water bottles are not biodegradable. Insulated ones are very eco-friendly.


Vacuum insulated water bottles are very handy. You can just throw them at your backpack and carry them with you anywhere you go. This won’t affect them. They can survive fall several times.  Also they come with lids that are very convenient to use. In short, insulated bottle can stand the harshness of everyday use. Plastic water bottles get damage easily. There are not as handy as their insulated companion.

Keeping the temperature of Drinks

When you like to have a hot coffee at your work place or want icy-cool water all day long then insulated water bottle is your best choice. Insulated water bottles are very efficient in keeping hot drinks hot or cold beverages cold for a very long time. So, you can enjoy your preferred drinks exactly in the similar state, in which you like them. But, regular water bottles are lack of temperature maintaining capacity.