Why Does My Car Sound Weird When I Turn the Steering Wheel?

Why does my car sound weird when I turn the steering wheel? This is a question that any driver dreads when embarking on that trip or journey. The steering wheel is the bond between you and your car; it’s basically the navigation heart-beat of a driver. That’s why it’s such a concern whenever you have any weird sounds when maneuvering with the steering wheel, this really needs prompt attention.

A Screeching, humming , cranking ,grinding , squeal or popping noise when using the steering wheel is a major indicator that all is not well with your steering wheel system. The sound could result to very rough turns or uncontrollable turns where you won’t be in control of your car anymore.

If the problem is not attended to, this could result in damage in the steering wheel system. You could be lucky enough to survive all this but an accident is evidently inevitable. Alongside the weird sounds, the other indicator that all is not well is when your steering wheel becomes so hard to turn.

Why does my car sound weird when I turn the steering wheel? This is going to be a lesser worry when you get to learn from the following pointers.

What Causes Weird Sounds When Turning my Steering Wheel?

The Power-steering system is a continuous consumer of hydraulic fluid to steer the wheels on a car. When there is something wrong with this system, its steering framework, belt or pump will produce some weird sound.

The noise can sooner or later lead to jagged turns and a damaged steering mechanism. These weird sounds can be experienced when the car is stationery and not only when on the move. Listed are collective issues that cause cantankerous noise in a steering system.

  1. Worn-out belts:

Worn-out belts are the distinctive culprit when there it comes to those weird sounds in you steering mode. To examine the belt, check the tension. If too tight or slack, the belt will hum when rotating.

There is need to check if the ridges of the belt are also worn-out. Worn ridges will have the belt slipping while spinning, which can also add to the noise.

  1. Damaged Suspension Bushes:

Bushes wear out every now and then. Sooner or later, they snap, weaken, and thus need to be changed. There is a possibility that this is initiating the creaking while spinning the steering wheel.


  1. Worn-out Shocks:

The shocks are a standard part that serves you for some time which eventually wears out. Fluid leakages on the flank of on either of the front shocks, there is a chance that it’s blown and damaged and hence need for replacement. Your car also tends to feel very slack and bouncy when maneuvering around bumps and bends.

  1. Broken Tie Rod split ends:

Tie rods basically allow you to steer you vehicle. Squeaking while turning should warn you of bad tie rods; it’s more typical to get a bumping sound when negotiating taut, low-speed turns.

  1. Malfunctioned pump.

A dwindling pump will not drive the hydraulic fluid through the steering system. This will in turn make it hard to turn and will hence cause the pump to hum; this is because it could have insufficient hydraulic fluid.

Basically all the problems are centered on poorly lubricated parts. Power steering has impact on every aspect of controlling your vehicle, be it turns and bends or when on a straight narrow road.

The power steering fluid is as important to perfect driving as oil is to sustained engine proficiency. Starved of this important fluid, your power steering is bound to fail. If you have a power steering leak, you may not be able to negotiate those bends with ease. This eventually leads to dangerous driving conditions and inevitable crashes.

If you notice a power steering leakage, this is absolutely a problem. By knowing How to Fix a Power Steering Leak you could be avoiding major steering wheel problems.


By having your car frequently serviced and free from common wear and tear and being aware for any of the warning signs stated above, you will have an upper hand when solving; why does my car sound weird when I turn the steering wheel? I highly recommend you visiting my favorite site to know more about how to fix the car problems.

Thank you for your time.