Whether You Choose a New or Used Floor Scrubber – Your Floors Will Thank You For It

What does the layperson really know about floor scrubbers? Honestly we think of a person with a mop and bucket a la the image of Carol Burnett on her iconic television show in the 1970’s, or a maiden on her hands and knees wiping her brow with a scrub brush in her hands or we think of a big contraption that makes a lot of noise and ushers us out of the room at work late in the day when the maintenance person comes to clean. 

The truth is that floor scrubbers come in all shapes, sizes, models and brands. They are made for personal home use as well as for commercial use. What is also true about floor scrubbers are that with the right operation they surpass the capacity of a human being’s ability to clean a floor! They are designed to make our lives easier and our surroundings cleaner. Image result for Whether You Choose a New or Used Floor Scrubber - Your Floors Will Thank You For It

Is There a Difference Between Purchasing a New Floor Scrubbing Machine and a Used Model?

Like any other purchase you happen to make for your home, the answer to that question depends on a multitude of factors. When you broach the notion of purchasing a floor scrubber, ask yourself some questions… 

  • What do I need this machine to do? Is it for a heavy duty use, commercial use, extensive personal use, etc 
  • Is the machine to be in operation on a daily basis or is it solely for occasional use?
  •  Is their a warranty on the model (whether it is used or new) if so, is there an additional price for the warranty or is the warranty built into the price?
  • Who will be operating this machine? If it is an employee, does the model I am looking to purchase require that the operator be trained in a particular fashion or licensed to operate the floor scrubber?
  • Do I want the floor scrubber to be multi-functional? Do models exist that perform different cleaning and maintenance tasks? 
  • How much do I want to spend on this machine?

While it is an involved decision it is not brain surgery. A little research is required prior to making the purchase but it is a doable project. It is important to go with a company you can trust in choosing a new or used floor scrubber. This is due to the fact that undoubtedly the seller will be more knowledgeable than you are as regards the product. Choose a reputable dealer or company and make certain to answer the questions outlined above.  Of course a used floor scrubber will be less money than a brand new scrubber of the same make and model and distribution year. Investing the time to learn some things about floor scrubbers will save unnecessary misfortune after a poor purchase decision.