Where Charitable Giving is Needed the Most

We are often confronted with this question in our lives, after doing some work or taking some action, “what we will be getting in return?” Be it our profession, our friendship, or any kind of relationship, while doing something for someone the thought inevitably runs in our mind, ‘how are we going to get benefited” from it or “what does the other person have to offer in return of our favor?”

But now is the time to act a little selfless and without expectations. As the saying goes, we lift by raising others. We should often contemplate on the act of charity more often not because of the inner peace and satisfaction it brings us and how it makes us feel more contented with our life but as well how little kind gestures of ours can set in a positive chain of reaction which can impact an immense number of lives and change their world.

For example, Tom Kane Chicagobased Private Wealth Manager at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is a supporter of several local causes. He helps advocate and raise money for organizations around Chicago, including Friends of the IDF, the 100 Club of Chicago, Jewish Federation of Chicago, and the Western Golf Association Evan’s Scholars program, among others.

We are going to shed some light on where we may indulge ourselves in this divine act of giving. We know that charity must be carried out but we should know a bit about it first. As our act of giving though is ought to selfless but it must reflect our aspirations and concerns

Health charities:

Health care is by far one the leading reason for people to get in debt and sell their property to cure themselves or the: near and dear ones to them. A severe ailment can potentially drain all the savings of even a financially strong individual. Then repercussions of the same in the life of a poor man can be just horrible. Its gravity can be observed by looking at Warren Buffet Who is an American investor, business tycoon, and philanthropist, and the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, donating a huge amount of $34 billion for Healthcare, education, AIDS-prevention, sanitation. Hence, We can pledge to donate a sum directly to a person in need as such or to an organization which are Disease & Disorder Charities, Medical Services & Treatment, Medical Research Charities and Patient and Family Support Charities

Animal charities:

If one is concerned about how the rapid growth of our urbanization and industrialization is overtaking the natural habitat and forcing out numerous animal species from least concerned to near threatened to vulnerable to critically endangered and almost extinct species. Forcing them to the brink of their extinction. We may consider giving charity to Organizations like Wildlife Conservation Organizations, Pet and Animal Welfare Organizations, Hunting & Fishing Conservation Groups, and Zoos and Aquariums to ensure that our presence does not serve as another’s extinction.

International NGOs:

In today’s world of globalization, we all believe that the world is a global village and to preserve plurality as well to help the lesser blessed and vulnerable war torn parts of this global village we can consider extending our hand by giving charity to International Development NGOs, Disaster Relief & Humanitarian NGOs and Peace & Human Rights NGOs who try to ensure that their basic rights are not violated and their basic needs are fulfilled under stressful situations.

Environmental Conservation:

We all are well aware of how in our endeavor of development we have given rise to a global phenomenon like climate change and global warming risking our very existence as well as our environment. To alleviate the effect of the same we can consider preserving our only planet by giving charity to Environmental Conservation & Protection and Parks and Nature Centers

Education charities:

Education in today’s world is considered as one of our basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. Education is essential to living a life with dignity and opens a door to the number of possibilities. It can bring an enormous and lasting impact on the world. To bring about this change we can offer our help by donating to Private Elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools, Universities, and Colleges or Scholarship and financial aid services, School Reform and Experimental Education or Support for students, teachers, and parents

For instance, Tom Kane, a Merrill Private Wealth Management executive, lends much of his time supporting and donating to causes that support education.

Community Funds:

One of the major reasons behind charitable donations is to help the needy and poor. They are not only residing in the underdeveloped countries. We may find many of them in our community itself. People who cannot afford education for their children or cannot afford food to end hunger for children even might need money to get their daughter married or there might be orphan children living next door. The purpose of charity is to help the people near you first and then the others.