What’s the Curriculum of Online Doctorate in Business Administration?

Many students are apparently drawn to obtaining college degrees in Business Administration, but seem to stop with the Bachelors program. If you are interested in pursuing this course a few steps further, you could qualify to obtain a Doctorate in this same field. Here are a few key curriculum points that you would consider on your   path towards obtaining a doctorate degree in this area of study.

Core Foundations

As with the beginning of most academic courses, you will study the cornerstones of business administration: organization and management. You will study the history of organizational theory and create frameworks designed for academic reasoning with strategic approaches to these cornerstones.

International Business Markets

Handling domestic affairs in the world of business is just the tip of the iceberg. When journeying toward your doctorate, you will learn about managing and monitoring international business relationships with markets around the world. In addition to the financial side of the international marketplace, you will also cover the legal, social, political, cultural and even geographic aspects as well.

Quantitative Research Methods

A variety of quantitative designs and methods are examined within this part of the curriculum. You will focus on such areas as data sampling, analysis methods and research design. A major part of this section of the curriculum emphasizes the assessment and application of statistical methodologies in regards to case studies and business research and business disciplines.

Comprehensive Side of Application

In addition to the knowledge, part of the doctoral program of Business Administration is the application of that knowledge. The key is to demonstrate your acquired knowledge to hypothetical situations that you will likely face at one time or another in real life. It gives you a chance to master the art of critical thinking and applying your centralized knowledge and ethical skills – factors that will play major roles in your future success overall.

Developing Your Dissertation

The final chapter of all doctoral programs is the research and development of your dissertation.

This is a culmination of all of the knowledge you have acquired up to this point in your journey, creating a major project that allows you to apply your understanding of different research designs, theoretical models and data analysis methods to a specific research question. The objective is to design a question that you can then use various research methods to thoroughly address and examine.

In addition to conducting research and designing the actual dissertation, you will also need to prepare to defend it. In most cases, this defense consists of an oral examination presented to faculty members, students and guests. Passing the dissertation phase places you one step closer to graduating and receiving your Doctorate degree in Business Administration.

Enjoy the Journey

It may seem like a lot of work to obtain your Doctorate in Business Administration. That is solely because it is a lot of work. However, enjoy the journey because you are going to enhance the quality of your future career and business opportunities based on how successful you are on this educational path.