A perfect day to walk out, with a great outfit but confusion lies in which bag to carry. Ladies often wish that the bag should match the outfit, their body shape and be good enough to accommodate all the stuff they might need. Some like to carry the same bag every day, while some need a whole bunch of them.

You don’t simply carry women bags that make it go all wrong with your body shape and so here are some suggestions for making your selection wise:

  • Tall:

If you are tall, a middle sized bag would do just fine. A tote bag will suit you but stay away from small bags as they don’t go in proportion to your size. Oversized bags or large clutches will also enhance your personality while you walk out of your house.


  • Petite:

If you are petite, carry a small bag which makes you look tall and has a short strap. Oversized bags won’t match your size, and you tend to look even smaller in height while carrying them. If you adorn yourself with a bag with smaller shoulder strap, it would look amazing.

  • Straight

Carry a hobo bag swinging till your waist or hips if you have no curves at all. This would look cool and trendy on you. Your bags must not appear too structured; rather they should be more of loose and bigger in size.

  • Slim

Carrying a sling or a cross over bag will be the best option in case you are skinny as that would add up a little on your hips and waist and will make you look fashionable as well.

  • Pear shaped

For the women who are pear shaped, a clutch will serve the purpose. Carrying a medium sized clutch will move the attention from your hips to the clutch and will also accommodate your essentials.

  • Apple shaped

If you have the curve of an apple, you can carry tote bags. Carrying a tote in one hand will add to your look instead of putting it across your arm. If you carry a sling bag, don’t cross it over your shoulder rather decorate it on just one side.

  • Plus size

If you are plus sized, don’t use a bag with some structure; rather go with a hobo bag. The bag should look thin so that it doesn’t add up to your body curves. However, a tiny clutch will spoil your look.

There are bags available in the market in all shapes, sizes, and colors which will meet your requirements. You can choose from clutches, messenger bags, totes, slings, backpacks and a lot more options and so, you will always have something to take along with you.

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