What is a DUI Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition Interlock Device – is this the first time that you have heard about this item? If you have not driven before or you are still young, you might not know what it is. Most people are aware of this and if they have taken some alcohol, they might be a bit anxious about the results that it can give.

Getting to Know the Interlock Device

This is a small device that is connected to the ignition of a person’s vehicle who is suspected of DUI. This will measure the amount of alcohol on the person’s breath. The Ignition Interlock Device or IID will prevent the person from starting the vehicle and running away from the cops. If the person presents a breath sample that is below the recommended alcohol limit, that is the only time when the person will be free to go. If the alcohol level is above the recommended limit, then the person may have to look for a traffic violation lawyer soon.

People Recommended to Get DUI Ignition Interlock Device

Those who have received too many long beach traffic tickets may be recommended to get this device to ensure that they will always be safe when they drive. This is not only for their own protection but also for the protection of other drivers and pedestrians.

There are times when this device will be ordered by the court because of previous cases that were filed against you. You may also want to get this when your driver’s license is currently suspended and you want to prove that you can change and become a better driver.

You will also be recommended to get this device if there are some things that you want to achieve such as the following:

  • You would like the issuance of LDP or Limited Driving Privilege.
  • You would like to reinstate your driving privileges.
  • You want to get an issuance of RDP or Restricted Driving Privilege.

Installation of the DUI Ignition Interlock Device

As much as you would want to try installing this, you will not be allowed to install this on your own. There is always a possibility that you will tamper with it so that it will show that there isn’t any alcohol on your breath even if there is. Only certified vendors will be allowed to install the device. You can contact dui attorney van nuys for more information regarding the vendors that are near your area.

The right attorney can also help you with your case. What if your DUI case will require you to spend time behind bars? It will help if you would contact a trusted lawyer that can provide the services that you need now.

Cost of the DUI Ignition Interlock Device

It is a bit surprising for some people to know that the device sometimes costs less than the total of their traffic tickets. The main expense will be the amount that you have to pay every month in order to continue using the device. Contact the right vendor in order to get an assessment of the possible costs.